D day excitement is the moment when a girl stays on the seventh cloud. Indian weddings are too far phenomenal than any other culture in the world. Reasons include its multiplicity, diversity, rituals & royalty. There is always a huge list of advises given to a bride by her friend & relatives. The pressure to make the day most special begins since the date of marriages announced.

The whole family seems in rush for something always. But, the girl who is going to start a new life in a new family with a special person is the one who needs most of the preparation. Preparation may include wedding day schedule, dresses, shopping, dress trials etc .

We have come up with some excellent ideas to ease the chaos & make best out of every little moment. There are few things bride avoids which in real are the most important things. Apart from looking beautiful, there is many more you can do to make your wedding special & hassle free.


  1. Finish shopping before time:


 Bride to do list



We all kept hearing time goes by very quickly so, start shopping as early as possible. In real it is exactly the same way. I have seen people rushing around for something when other things are in priority & things mess up because of lack of time management. Make sure you make a list of your shopping including dresses, jewelry, makeup, beauty, briefs & other girlie goods. Don’t shop too early if you have a gap of the year else everything will be outdated. Visit the Sabyasachi’s best bride collection. Now, you can sit in peace with the check-list done & ready for next step to plan. There are always benefits to finish things before time.


  1. Get your make-up test done


 Bride to do list



Out of the blue, it happens when your makeup turns out to be a mess on the exact day before leaving. I have seen brides crying over bad make-up which can’t be changed very quickly. To fight these problems get a make-up trial before few days of  the wedding with dress trial. There are makeup-at-home services in Delhi. Get the complete look & you may change it if it does not suit well. Also, learn some quick make-up tricks & hairs do for after-wedding in case you can’t find a beauty saloon near by.


  1. Make a diet plan

Bride to do list



You can cover the face with makeup for a while but, can’t wear it all day around. Make-up also does not work well if your skin & mind are not healthy. To get a flawless skin make your diet plan before at least 3 months of the wedding. Minimal make-up is always loved by everyone. Follow the tips for a healthy skin.



  1. Stop unpacking your suitcases to show to your girl-friends & aunties


Bride to do list


I have seen many girls showing up their shopping & everything they have bought to all the aunties, cousins & friends. Trust me you are already making your things outdated by doing so. You yourself will lose charm for your dresses by looking at them continuously. Also, people should be waiting for you to wear something new on your wedding day & after that too. Stop making your shopping display. Let them be curious.


  1. Plan a girl’s bachelor

 Bride to do list



Well well! Why guys should have all the fun? Start planning your bachelor’s with your girl gang which would be your personal bash as a bachelor. You are not going to get this bachelorhood again after tying the knots. Here are the 100 Bollywood wedding songs.



  1. Plan for a last single date with your fiancée

Bride to do list



Live best of your courtship moments. You both are going to be together ever after marriage. Why don’t you add some more splendid moment to remember all your life as singles! Plan something extraordinary you can do to make your date special. I am sure this is the best thing you can do for both of you.


  1. Make memory notes for your family & hide it in your house


Bride to do list


In the hustle of pressure & preparation don’t ignore those people in your life who brought you to this journey. There must be plenty of memories & wishes for your Mom dad & siblings. Make them feel how special they are & will be in your life. Give them their share of love before leaving your dad’s castle.


  1. Cooking lessons

Bride to do list



Ammm!! Now, what is important to be a good wife & daughter in law. How many servants you have in your house does not count if you cook for your husband. Husbands & in-laws are excited to try something delicious made by their newly added member of the family I.e. daughter in law. The reason is they want to flaunt it in their circle of relatives & friend how lucky they are to have you in the family. Learn some cooking hacks & amaze everyone with your love.


  1. Beauty Hacks


You will not be able to get salons everytime & everywhere. Get ready yourself with some beauty hacks like homemade beauty treatments & self-grooming ideas. It will enhance your confidence to another level self-maintained. 3-minute makeup trick with a lipstick is all you need to know.


  1. Keep Calm & dream little more

 Bride to do list



After all the mess, love, sorrows & stress keep yourself in a good mood. Happiness gives energy to you & your surroundings also. Do everything with positive vibes, be with cheerful people & enjoy your pampered days.