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Jeans Fit Guide 2016 For Both Men & Women.

Denims Fit Guide

Started from its durable feature, Jeans have taken over the fashion world completely. But, after ages of ups and downs there are people who are suffering with their right fit of jeans. There are right fits available according to your body size in different brands and styles. This fir guide will help you when you next go to shop a pair of Jean.

Men Fit


For people who like to wear jeans just to skinny and body shaping.


Tapered is staright from thighs and tapered from Bottoms with some crunches.

We also name it cigarette as its’s straight as cigarette.


Carrot fit is loose from thighs and thighs with narrow bottoms. As the name says it shapes like a carrot.


Bootcut is having flares at the bottom n comes in different sizes of flares.

Women Fit


Jeggings are mix of jeans and leggings as shown in the picture.

Super skinny

Super skinny is just like jeggings in denim fabric which is like tights.


Again, Skinny is the tight fir jeans which takes body shape according to leg size.


Cigarette fits are named as straight fit.


Boy Friend fits are loose comfortable jeans for woman.

The open flares at bottom is bootcut fit.


Hope it worked for you.

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