Lying on the tropic of Cancer, India is the best place where one can face the extremities of seasons.

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Summers are humid and soaking, monsoons are drenching, winters are to freezing bones and dearest springs are too short! But then this is the fun, which also carries diversity in Indian ethnic wears, Indo-western wears, cuisines and languages. Indo western wear is one of the best examples of fusion wear. It is not asking you to bereave your love for ethnic wear or shun wearing bold western dresses, it just defines you.

If someone is spending their summer in India, then they must say it real hot and humid as the country is full covered by three-sided coastal areas. But every harsh side has its positive ray as well as summer brings up playful bright colours, trendy styles and awesome designs as well which we sadly crave for in winters. Thanks to globalisation and an emergence of online shopping portals that we can now explore various online dresses, is it ethnic or western, at the comfort of our home. Do the scorching sun rays stop you from getting attractive dresses to flaunt among your peers and friends? Summer, you can’t win!

So here are some mix and matched summer western dresses that every woman will fall in love trying. Just remember one thing in the world of fashion; never stop yourself from styling and wearing clothes the way you like. And summer gives you a plenty of opportunities.

Kurti With Flared Trousers

Although kurtis are typically ethnic wear styles, but they can be awesomely clubbed with flared trousers. Haven’t you tried them yet? Just put them on and take a look at the mirror. Flared trousers or pants are the lightest bottom wears and you can’t expect the same freedom from thick layered denims or jeans. Instead of wearing white shirt tucked in, try a mid-length kurti this summer.

Long Dress With Sneakers

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The lightness and easy breezy effect are the most attractive features which we love to have in summers. And what would be better other than maxi dresses with summer hues and bright prints? Play some naughty here by pairing your dress with chic sneakers and a handbag. Jewellery is not as important here.

Long Skirt With Shirt

online western dresses
Who says shirts are for pants or trousers only? The main factor is your confidence and comfort throughout the day and if you’re having it, you’re sorted. Discover the look of long skirt with shirt this summer and pair them with suede loafers. Make a high bun to get that taller illusion. Don’t forget to tuck in your shirt while attaching a tassel belt around the waistline.

Backward Shirt Is In Trend

online western dresses
Sophisticated, but still want to look little rough of your kind? Then a backward shirt can be your real look. Wear a regular shirt but the front side should go at the back and back side should roll over the fronts. Choose a loose collared shirt for this experimental contemporary appeal.

Harem Pants With Shirt & Blazer

You can search a vast range of online western dresses and within minutes, you will definitely get a funky piece to try on. Harem pants with regular shirt and blazer is one of the attractive clubbing in western dresses. Blazers look quite noticeable when worn with harem pants and clean shirt. Choose less baggy harem pants for a serious yet curious look.

This season try one of the best western and ethnic dresses, just finesse and comfort keeping in mind. If you haven’t tried something new this year, then summer is the best time to experiment with.