How You Feel when There are all useless shades of nail polishes instead of good one. I used to suffer like this number of times. I did try all lighter and darker shades of Nail Paint with different outfits on different occasions. I usually keep my basic favourites in my giant Carry bag. So, back to the point about which are the best nails cover shades to work for all time and occasions. I found this after years of struggle and suggestions. Also look at Nail Care and Nail art Ideas at home.

1. Hot Red

I must say this is a saver. Earlier, I was not a Nail Art freak. I began my nail polish journey with hot RED. It goes with western, Ethnic,Non.Ethnic, Casual, Classic and even if you are just sitting at home watching Netflix.
Best nail Paint Shades

2. Hot Pink

The Story is somewhat similar to Hot Pink. This colour also stands in bright category of colours. It can make fabulous contrast with any opposite colour shade wither if you are wearing a red or white. Just Visual How Beautiful It will spark with White.

Best nail Paint Shades

3. Jet Black

The danger, the strong, the bold. this is best to wear with western choosing any outfit shade. The most fun to apply black when I am in mood to experiment my styling senses. Keep it in your purse to sneak from office to party.

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4. All Nude

This is a class shade. Princess Kate William usually found in her formal appearances wearing this sophisticated nude colour. The idea for me is even if it’s chipped, that wont ruin the grace. It’s important for decent events and official meet ups.

Best nail Paint Shades

5. The Top Coat Transparent

Nude aka Top coat is additional tax with rest of the nail paint community. You have to keep it any how. You just don’t have any option to avoid this cute innocent and transparent beauty from your colour codes. Keep it for the extra shine on coated or non-coated nails.

Best nail Paint Shades

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