Punjab and Punjabi’s are the most fun loving creatures in the whole world undoubtedly. The love, the fun and the beauty is incredibly desi in the state. I have visited the place like ten times and always willing to go back for a relaxing vacation.

I am not being biased praising about just one state of the country but this place deserves to be admired. I can give you some 1000 reasons to travel and visit the place But, I filtered them and short-listed to just 8 reasons “Why I love Punjab”

1. Authentic Food

Though I am not a foodie frog I Love the food on Road side dhaba’s and Punjabi kitchens too. Punjabi Food is one of the fanciest food in the world. Punjabi’s have diffused the essence of Punjabi food all over the world. But, the real taste can be found in the homeland only.

To do in Punjab

2. Amazing Highways

The infrastructure of Punjab Highways is the ultimate example of great work and maintenance. The wide eight lane Roads with street lights and maintained traffic rules followed by every individual. Either, it’s govt. or people results in an outstanding and easy transport. We love the journey by Road with nice music.

To do in Punjab

3.Green Punjab

Green revolution started from Punjab and still sustaining it. There have been many Bollywood and Punjabi movies like DDLJ have shot in the green fields and villages. The freshness you feel looking outside the car window is soothing like meditation.

To do in Punjab

4. History Teller

Punjab is engaged with the most threatening and remarkable stories from the history. There are monuments to explore from king palaces like Bathinda palace and Jaliawala Bagh incidents. You get to know the sacrifices done by sikh’s during and after Freedom Fights.

To do in Punjab

5.Shopping Treasure

Fulkari and Punjabi Juti are the major attraction for visitors in Punjab. I found the designs and making of Juti’s were far better from all that we buy from Delhi or other places. Beautiful Punjabi suits and other accessories kept me busy for hours.

To do in Punjab

6. The festive Land

Indian touch is fully overloaded in this state. Punjabi’s are most hilarious creature when It comes about festivals and fun. There is always a festive mode in villages and Gurudwara’s. You still can find laddie’s playing around with beautiful dresses and long hair braids.
To do in Punjab

7. Peace in Golden Temple

I have been in this place like thrice and never felt any tediousness. The peace is incredible to sit in the open air. You feel connected to the positive vibes and atmosphere all around. That place have some magic in it. I am always in to go If anyone is planning to go.

To do in Punjab

8. Love in Hearts of People

This is last to say But, It’s the best reason for me. I have been very fortunate to have fabulous Punjabi friend Circle. I get a heart-warming welcome by people in there with their Desi swag. They will treat you as the family and You will remember the greet for all your life. They have fun and Big hearts to serve to the world.

To do in Punjab

I love You Punjab :*

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