Security protocols were never a topic of interest for me earlier. I was very excited with my new website for lifestyle just . And then what I found today morning that my website is being hacked. I got a mini heart attack to see that disaster. I was wondering why one should hack a lifestyle blog I mean what does a person need from my page, I am sure not the images and content.

After the research and many experts advise, I came to know that our social media and other webpages are not safe. Websites are always a easy hit for hackers to do their illegal jobs by using the servers for Email Relay and other purposes.

For that instance there are various methods to trap. There are automated scripts to perform the task. They may also exploit the reputed websites by scripted file uploads Which gives the full authority of website to the hacker.

Now, If hackers are moving smarter then We should also not avoid the security parameters.For a E-commerce website, Our customers rely on us for the security of their personal data and We should return the equal liability by following the web security rules.

Here are five must steps to shield your work:


A rugged software can be a benefit for any hacker to smash it.The software update includes the server operating system and also your CMS or Forums plugged in the website. Most of the vendors provide you with latest update whenever you login. Keep updating software.


A strong password is a complex one. Just for one time comfort We keep an easy password like 6 letters without any mix of special characters. Well, You are in danger zone this way. Hackers can play around with your passwords in no time. So, my suggestion is keep a password which is not too long but yes too complex to hack like take one number, one capital letter, one small letter, as many special characters as possible, use short form of large sentences:

“I Will Win The World With 5 Special characters !@#$%”

And the password for this will be – “IWwTWw5SC!@#$%”
I have taken the first letters of each word. I am sure these will blow the hacker’s mind.


This is a case most of the time. Recheck your address bar before you login your details. While putting any web-address make sure it starts with HTTPS, If there is no S just HTTP then it might be a wrong URL or just a trap.


In web security it is not a very common term to be heard. You must have experienced your social websites asking you about your phone numbers for security reasons. This is to send you notification right away If anyone attempts to login in your websites. You will get aware and will change the password or deactivate it for that while.

Put two layer authorisation in all of your important internet portals which are prone to hack.


An E-mail Id is the basic registration for any website or internet portal. But, using it smartly can save you from hackers sight. Make sure you don’t make it public in any internet portal or webpage. One more option We have is to create more than one email ID for different purposes. Also, It will protect your bank accounts and financial transactions. Also, don’t click all of the links sent in your Emails by important profiles because this can be a spoof.

For Websites, We have to be more cautious while in File Uploads from viewers, Error message information and security firewalls plug-ins.

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