Shoes defines the real personality of a person now.I myself have some 60 pair of shoes which I rarely wear and cant throw away. We love our shoes and cant see our exclusive collection rugged away without using much. Poorly maintained shoes can quickly become uncomfortable and dirty. We can increase life of shoes by good shoe care of them with different products and ideas.

Waterproof Spray:

With the climate changes, shoes get humidity and humidity damages them badly. We can use a waterproof spray on shoes in a any humid or rainy weather. Also, It will protect shoes from over and under heat effect.

Wear Stocking Linings:

while coming in contact with the skin shoe insole can be rugged. Wearing a stocking or sock can prevent the rug between shoe and the skin. it will be safe for your skin also by covering the feet.

Store in Shoe Bags:

While we keep all shoes together, dirt from one shoe makes others dirty. The best idea to keep all shoes safe from dirt and temperature is to store them in shoes bag available at Its best idea for a visible storage with good covering.

Wear Alternate:

Make a series of shoes according to the week days. Try wearing all shoes alternatively. That way each of the pair will be equally durable. Less used shoes also get damaged.

Clean and Polish Properly:

Like you clean off yourself with the day ending, wipe your shoes also to keep them in good looks. Polishing before wearing and dusting after removing will do the maximum of the job. There are many Shoe care kit available in market.

Wash-off Cloth Shoes:

Footwear made of cloth fabric can be washed off by hand or just in washing machine. Cleaning of insole is important for sustainability of the shoes.

Miscellaneous – If the heels of your shoes are worn down or cracked take them to a cobbler to see if they can be fixed.

Keep loving