Ahan! I know we girls have some more color selection phobia while shopping for any outfit. And Why we should not? After-all, we can see many more colors shades of yellow color, pink, red etc than colorblind men. We should take complete advantage of this extra characteristic given especially to women apart from thousands of remarkable superpowers.

With my past experiences,I have realized my color zone keeps deviating every season. Though, I have my favorites always & looking for something experimental time to time. We are fashion divas & trendsetters for our entire fashion tribe. Ouch! Are you again hitting on this same color again after all this color calculations.

Awwww poor me 🙁 I cant come over that one color whatever & wherever I shop. The color love is none other Yellow. Ah! Yes, it’s yellow yellow dirty fellow. Below are some of the points we yellow lovers can relate with each other so wisely:

Point number one: Infinite shades Of Yellow 


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We can count as many shades as do not even exist in yellow like turmeric yellow, lemon yellow, bright yellow, dull yellow, not so good yellow, the perfect yellow, endless almost.


Point number two: Regardless of Season Yellow is the Fellow


YellowEither its winter, summer, spring, rain, dark, sunny, happy, sad, dating, celebrating or just napping outfit! You know what? We want yellow. We want yellow.


Point Number Three: It Suits Us Best

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Agree or not?? Huh! No other color has suited me this well like yellow darling. I wear yellow & am sorted dude. I don’t need make up & accessories with yelllow. Yellow is magical.

Point Number Four: Feel Like Marigold & Sunflower

YellowI know almost most bright flowers are yellow. Well! I am just sharing you my feeling of feeling the feeling of nature. In short I feel like fresh marigold. Ok Ok! It can be a woolen sweater or some beautifully stitched yellow kurta. It nails every season.


Point Number Five: It Gives The Yellow Glow On Face

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I have heard number of maxims about how yellow gives glow & why girl should wear yellow during her marital rituals. My own Dad has suggested me to wear something yellowish when am suppose to look quite pretty.


My part is done to give you the best color to wear when you are confused next time. Wear yellow & tag us. We might surprise you with something. Live Long Yellow.