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Baby Essentials for New Moms featuring Luvlap India

I am writing after a long break for baby essentials & the reason to pause my writing was a bit genuine since I was giving my whole time to little baby. Being a new mom is super cpecial in its own way which cant be expressed by words. You have to be extra cautious for every little thing around our little human who needs to nourished under our guidance & special care.

I was preparing for my baby arrival before even she was born like all concern parents do but, now I realised how many thing were really useful while others are just kept in the shelf corners. So, here is I am sharing what all baby essentials really worked for me in the initial days to make life easier. Situation & things may vary according to your needs since every mom & baby are different from each other. So, here are the basic essentials for new moms.


1.Diaper bag- 


I was not aware how crucial diapers bags can be for new moms until I became a Mother myself. A diaper bag with all Newborn essentials in it makes your travel simpler & easy without much hustle. I will write another blog for diaper bag essentials. I opted for a high quality diaper bag from Luvlap India which was having enough sectioned pockets to keep every little thing neatly sectionwise. I really loved their funky style & quirky prints with amazing quality. 

  1. New born Baby Clothes- 

You do not have to shop many Newborn clothes since they get smaller quickly before yor baby wear it not even twice( that happened with me). I would recommend some soft cotton front-open jumpers & soft romper sets. Again, I got a bunch of six jumper sets from Luvlap India since the quality they have is reliable. Also, I got some rompers from my sister who is a pro Mom herself.. 

  1. Baby Cot- 


Baby cot does not sound important to many parents & I understand their concern of space issues to keep the cot in the same bedroom. But, in my case baby cot is super essential since newborns are very delicate & sensitive. It’s very dangerous to sleep with a newborn baby. Luckily, I got my Luvlap baby cot with dual options of changing it into swing so I could sleep a little more while putting the baby to swing in her night-crying session since they are not always hungry. 

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  1. Baby wipes- 


I have seen my sister years ago using tissues dipped in dettol to clean the baby. But, I got my pack of mild baby wipes from Luvlap India specially made for newborns at just rupees RS.99/-. I divided the wipes in equal two parts & kept it in a plastic box to use handy & clean my baby whenever she poops, spills or in any other cleaning need. 


  1. Baby bedding-

I had few bedding sets from my sister which she used for her babies. But, it’s quite cold in Pune rains so, I wanted something thick & soft for my baby. We got a soft mattress done from nearby cushion maker & used a soft blanket from Luvlap India. Nivaah is enjoying her sleep this way. 


  1. Baby Toiletries- 


I used most of Himalaya & Sebamed products including baby shampoo, baby soap, baby oil (which I have changed now to coconut oil), baby powder & sebamed baby moisturiser. Diapers are basic need for babies which I used from Pampers India premium pants.


I think I have given a glimpse of baby essentials for new moms. I do buy a lot of other products but using only all of the above mentioned. 


I will come up with more motherhood experiences & information. 

Thanks for reading me. Follow my new Moms Journey at my instgram handle @oimfashionn. Give me a “hi” there 🙂

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