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Designer Fenny Ganatra’s Home Interior collection for Formus

[pjc_slideshow slide_type=”decor-listing”]The Neo Kaansa home interior Collection by designer Fenny Ganatra for Formus embodied via The Living Suite is a curation of modern pieces with a timeless appeal outlined with Kaansa or brass. Fenny G’s vision behind the collection arose from the need to ‘reboot’ classic forms through a vibrant use of colours and sumptuous elements of brass, which are the very inspiration behind the collection.

Besides Kaansa, the inspiration behind the collection’s design language comes to life through Fenny G’s collaboration with Formus. Formus’s take on timeless forms, and brand Fenny G’s fresh perspective, brings together an artistic mélange of tailored furniture, the Neo Kaansa Collection.

About Designer “FORMUS”
Celebrating “The love of making”

Formus is a space where ideas turn into form, where creative minds meet and co-create, where their love of making finds its true connoisseurs and passion finds real meaning. A vision of founders Kapil Suri and Gaurav Suri, the Formus flagship store spread over 15,000 sq ft on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road brings to life some of the finest signatures of design. Formus collaborates with leading architects and curators to create bespoke interiors and accessories using the finest materials and finishes with a contemporary aesthetic. Also, look at bathroom accessory showroom in Guragon.


Discover the “Love of Making” a beautiful form with FORMUS where the intent is to produce something extraordinary, brought to life with a process that involves meticulous study of the design brief, close collaboration with architects and designers, and a step-in-step partnership that honors everyone’s wishes. The authenticity of this process has often led to artistic breakthroughs, because for FORMUS every project is unique in its own right.

Carrying this vision forward, FORMUS announces its first collaboration with acclaimed interior designer Fenny Ganatra (winner of Red Dot award). The collaboration is marked with a Neo Kaansa collection embodied via ‘The Living Suite’.

The Living Suite is a curation of modern statuesque pieces of furniture with a timeless appeal outlined with Kaansa or brass.  Fenny Ganatra’s curious eye does a rendezvous with a broad spectrum of materials ranging from premium natural wood and wood veneer to brass pipes and brass veneer. 


The Living Suite exudes a contemporary finesse that is resultant of a cohesive combination of unique material, carefully chosen rich, royal and classic colours and elite modernist style. The first collection comprises of four signature special edition pieces which include: a Center Table, a Milvio Ottoman, a Ritz Sofa and a Beizer armchair. 


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