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Experience The Affordable Luxury In The Heart Of karnal “Gian Residency Hotel”

Gian Residency Hotel Karnal

There is this happiness only those wanderers can understand in the midway Delhi-Chandigarh. Yes!! that feeling of finding a good place under budget when we are tired and night is not a good option to move ahead. I found this amazing luxury property Gian Residency in Karnal at some very affordable price list. It was a treat for us already to find such safe, under-budget and beautiful place to stay in.

I should mention why I loved this place at my fist sight. Gian Residency started it’s services in 2011 reconstructing a old shopping complex. It’s a full fledged hotel with 16 rooms availability including executive, deluxe, superdeluxe & Luxury suit. And, the special touch of décor for rooms, Green Side balcony & gorgeous wall art is given by renowned Interior Designer Mrs.Anju Dhawan. They also have wide space for two lavish banquets & meeting rooms.

Mr Ashrey Dhawan, MD Gian Residency Hospitality Pvt Ltd arranged a bloggers review for us for the same. He did all his great efforts to make our stay comfortable & pleasant. He did win our hearts with a nice welcome & follow ups.

** Special Thanks to make Karnal visit even more Beautiful**

Ambience:I will give 5 star for a peaceful though charming ambience. Interior and cleanliness are kept in mind with great space and lighting.

Food: Truly heaven for vegetarians So I am. All food served is veg, hot and equally delicious at Gian Residency. Star rating stays 5 again.

Service: The best experience was so loving & caring staff and the management Including Mr Ashrey Dhawan who did greet with great efforts.

Budget: For budget I will proudly give 5+ stars as the overall experience was more than the worth of money.Trust me You will leave the place with a happy mood.

They also have collaboration with most of the hotel web portal including Oyo Rooms. For advance booking & other useful information go to their official website

Hotel Gian Residency
Railway Rd, Kheri Naru, Karnal, Haryana 132001

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