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50 Fashion Quotes By Legends Of Fashion | Best Fashion Tips 2017

Fashion quotes has thousands of definitions and can’t be summarized in just one line. Fashion can show you stars in daylight with the glam it holds. Entire world is revolving around this one industry of fashion. Check out how to wear white in a classy style.

Nobody could refrain themselves from fashion since it is a human behavior. A trend is a short period term of fashion. From early era of human existence till the modern world, everyone is follower of fashion.  Fashionable and stylish are two different terms to explain. The 85 years old model Carmen Dellorefice is the best idol for any fashion lover.

Wear right clothes, bold makeup and high heels to conquer the world as you want. First they will laugh at you, then they will see you and then, they will follow you. If you don’t believe me I am sure you gonna trust all those famous fashion personalities who are as fierce in their initial days that took them to the heights of fashion.

Here I am representing some really great fashion quotes by fashion experts from around the world.

I like creating my wardrobe by styling all clothes which I haven’t used since a long. Before you add a bunch of more useless clothes, make sure to dive in your hidden treasure and discover your fashion senses. As they say a women has no future who does not wear perfume, you must learn how to wear perfume right.

Do not pressurize yourself following others but you can always get inspired if it matches with your imagination. Fashion is not anybody’s copyright but its limitless and beyond.

Fashion is always about the right attitude with a confidence on your face.You can defeat anyone in the league if you are confident in what you are wearing. Stay ready for the negative feedback and this is absolutely fine since even experts do fail in many occasions but they don’t stop their journey.

What makes you fashionable and non-fashionable is a everyday argument among fashion experts debating about the right sense of fashion. People keep getting criticism for inappropriate fashion from celebrities to commoners. World’s top fashion magazines you can read for your inspiration.

Not everyone has the eye of right fashion in trend. There are national and international institutes providing courses to teach professional fashion tricks. I am one among those crazy fashion lover who went to London college of fashion while running behind my dream to become a pro fashion stylist.

Fashion includes your clothes, footwear, makeup and accessories. Fashion industry has grasped the whole world through direct or indirect mediums. Men’s fashion scores equal numbers in today’s generation  from formal suits styles to latest beard styles.

Each and every person has this equal right to style their imagination and create something new in the addition of fashion. Awaken your inner diva without any fear simply because you are not going to live this life forever. If you love your footwears here are the right tips for care of shoes. 

I learnt a lot from my batch-mates who belonged to different countries and fashion backgrounds. The best experience I can share with all fashion enthusiasts that fashion is not about speaking but its about reflecting and learning. None of those people including our teacher ever criticized in a manner to make anyone feel bad since fashion is an experiment.

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