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Festive Season Tips 2018

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India is an incredible country with hundreds of languages, cultures, cuisine & festivals. We Indians are super enthusiast for our festive season. There are some unique festivals in each corner of the nation from start to end of the year.

But, the most special festive season begins in end of the year which starts from Navratre then Karwachauth, Dhanteras, Ahoi Ashtami, Bhai dooj, Durga pooja & Diwali.

We get special positive vibes & aura throughout this festive season. Entire economy get a boost in this season. Every brand push their complete efforts to bring best out of it. I also shop a lots of things for Diwali, Dhanteras & Bhai dooj. And for Indian women Karwachath is the day of being their Indian goddess. Some ethnic brands launched line for festivals too.

Well, I can give some of the best ideas to spend smartly & look outstanding. Below are some fashion tips for grand Indian festive season.

Try Indo-western fusion:

Most of you must have been trying indo-western fusion for different events. This time make it more Indo & less western. Give your look only a binge of western touch.You can wear those flair Anarkali suits with harem pants or wear a denim waist jacket with it. I am sure you all are smart enough to fuse it really well. I would love to see your creativity & for that you can tag me on Instagram @oimfashionn while you post your picture with the hashtag #MyIndoFestiveLook. I will give it shout out.

Bright Colors Are Festive:

Ladies, I tell you that life is too short to wear dull colors. wear yellow, red, pink, green all together or just play with it. This is the season of fashion where you are allowed to shuffle with colors. For more information you can read the color hue chart on how to mix & match colors. For example look bright color ethnic look.

Try Your Indian Goddess Look:

I know 9 out 10 Indian girls just love wearing ethnic, jewelry, bindi, bangles everything that includes in 16 shringaar (Science behind Solah Shringaar). And this is our birth right to love this couture since we have grown up in this rich culture of India. Come here & shout out loudly with your best Indian goddess look. Wear red, wear gold & flaunt it because I can assure you will look damn gorgeous.

Your fashion style is your choice. 

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Accessorize Yourself:

Do not let go this festive season dull & boring. Whatever you wear western or Indo-western, accessorize your outfit well to get the best out of it. You might be a minimal fashion lover like I am but this is festive season & this is time of the year when you have to push your fashion limits a bit more.  Do your research for Latest jewelry in Delhi.

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Shop Smartly: 

I have shared all about fashion & to do something outstanding but I did not mean you have to go financially broke. Buy clothes which you can wear later on different occasions. Do not shop for any alluring offers brands are giving. Think smartly & shop like a lady.

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Have a nice festive season. Also, you can share your questions in the comment section or DM me on my Instagram @Oimfashionn. I will try reverting to each of you.

Reminder-  I would love to see your creativity & you can tag me on Instagram @oimfashionn while you post your picture with the hashtag #OIIndoFestiveLook.


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