Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform for our generation. Instagram started from 1 million registered users in December 2010 and now there are 700 Millions people using Instagram including all the celebrities worldwide.

Instagram is giving monetary benefits to users and the founder also. Even I have a decent follow base on my Instagram with whom I can share my life experiences and mind thoughts in a pictorial format. Celebrities worldwide are sharing Instagram with their fans by posting life events, everyday activities and a lot more through videos and images.

I was happy to have 16k followers but then I found this woman who is the real queen of Instagram with highest followers 2017. Here is the list of International celebrities with highest number of Instagram followers.

1. Selena Gomez:

Well, the music sensations and queen of hearts Selena Gomez is the princess of Instagram with follow base of 119 million followers which is a big number to achieve for any mango man. Check out Selena Gomez Instagram profile:

2. Cristiano Ronaldo:

The lord of football Cristiano who has won the hearts with his super play in various football teams has a heavy fan following throughout the world. Cristiano Instagram Followers are 100 Million which is not a small number even for celebrities. Read more about Cristiano Raonaldo life. 


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3. Ariana Grande:

An American singer who began her career quite early with Broadway Music’13 and became an actor later on. Grande has lived hue success in such small time span. Her ponytail is as famous as her voice. Ariana Grande Instagram Followers are 104 Million and that’s the rewards of her success. Check out Ariana Grande Instagram profile:

thought that i was dreeeamin

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4. Taylor Swift:

Taylor Alison Swift is the youngest woman to sign singing contract with Sony at the age of 14. Taylor is known for her song writing with person life experiences which enlightened her in media. Taylor Swift Instagram followers are 101 Million and this proves her stardom among her fans. Check out Taylor Swift Instagram profile:


Magic✨Madness✨Heaven✨Sin @gettyentertainment @versace_official

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5. Beyonce:

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, the 35 year old American singer, song writer and actor has won the name of best selling music artist of all time. Beyonce Instagram followers are 101 Million that is a huge number for the celebrities too.  Check out Beyonce Instagram Profile:


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Inaugural Wearable Art Gala in support of WACO Theater Center

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6. Kim Kardashian:

Kimberly Kardashian West or better known as Kim Kardashian is an American model, actor, businesswoman and socialite who gained popularity through a leaked sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J. Kim Kardashian Instagram followers are 99 Million which is almost touching 1 billion. Check out Kim Kardashian Instagram profile:

Last pic. Vintage Versace. The Promise Premiere

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7. Kylie jenner:

Kylie Jenner is 19 year old fashion designer, model and Tv personality born in America. Kylie jenner is half sister of Kim Kardashian. Kylie Jenner got popularity from her TV show Keeping Up With Kardashian. Kylie Jenner Instagram followers are 93 Million. Check out Kylie Jenner Instagram profile:


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phewf last night wasn’t a dream

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8. Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber was born an Canadian singer who got his first break through his youtube video when a talent seeker found him. Justin Beiber Instagram followers are 83 Million. Check out Justin Bieber Instagram profile:

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9. Dwayne Johnson, The Rock:

Dwayne Johnson or The Rock was a professional wrestler we all have seen in WWE. Rock is now working as an actor, producer and singer. His current project is Baywatch. The Rock Instagram followers are 85 Million with a highly engaged approach. Check out Dwayne Johnson Instagram Profile:


10. Kendal Jenner:

Kendal Jenner is American model, influencer and actor who got fame from E-channel TV show Keep Up Kardashians with her step sister, brother and family. Kendal Jenner Instagram Followers are 80 Million which will soon touch the 100 million club.  Check out Kendal Jenner Instagram profile:

Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary issue. @harpersbazaarus stay tuned…

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my baby girl

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Deepika Padukone tops the list of highest Instagram followers 2017 in India with 17 Million.