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Himalaya Range for Expecting Mothers is A Bliss

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First of all welcome in a New phase of life that is MOTHERHOOD. This is the most beautiful phase of any woman’s life, so you should cherish it. Himalaya Has added l

During pregnancy there are loads of changes occur in your body. Your belly and breast size increases. And your skin shows many changes. But there are some changes in body which are not actually visible. Those changes occurs in your vaginal area.

There are increase in vaginal discharge, which is due to increased level of hormone estrogen and progesterone. And this can lead to severe infection. It’s really important to take care of your intimate area during pregnancy and after delivery.

I am sharing some tips, how you can take a special care of your body During pregnancy. 

  1. Keep your body moisturized by applying good moisturizer, specially your belly area, as it increases in size and skin stretching occurs.
  2. Drink loads of liquids like fresh juices and water to keep yourself moisturized and it also prevent vaginal infection.
  3. Wear loose clothes
  4. Eat healthy food, include fresh fruits and dry fruits in your diet.
  5. Keep your vaginal area clean and dry. Always  use intimate wash to clean it.
  6. If you are using intimate wipes, use them from front to back
  7. Do regular exercise.

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Himalaya  have recently launched their mom’s range. Which is really amazing for all pregnant females and New moms. 
There Mom’s range includes 
 1. Soothing body Butter 
2. Intimate Wash 
3. Intimate wipes 
Let’s talk about Himalaya Body Butter 
So, I tried their soothing body butter Lavender for moms. This is specially made for pregnant woman, but it can be used by everyone. As this is a normal body cream enriched for with Cocoa Butter 
It is easily available on all general stores. 
Price- INR 110 for 50ml
Packaging- it comes in various sizes. I liked the round small box with two lids, one white cap inside and green lid outside. It closes tightly. 
My Experience 
As I have really dry skin. So this body butter worked best for me. 
It doesn’t have any strong smell of lavender, there is a nice fragrance and stays for longer. 
It really smooths  and softens the dry skin, as it is of thick consistency. So you don’t need to reapply this for hours. Your skin feels hydrated and moisturized all day long. Himalaya products for expecting Moms are a bliss. 
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About Himalaya Intimate Wash
During pregnancy, due to excessive hormonal changes, vaginal discharge increases. Which cause loads of irritation and itching leads discomfort. Hormonal changes makes the vaginal area acidic. To maintain acidic pH balance of intimate area, it’s important to include intimate wash in your personal hygiene routine. 
It’s really important to maintain vaginal hygiene during and after pregnancy. 
Water has neutral pH and soap is alkaline, so it can be harsh on vaginal area. And can disturb vaginal pH balance. Which leads to infection. 
Himalaya intimate wash maintains normal vaginal pH balance between 3.5 and 4.5
Cleans excessive vaginal discharge. 
It also helps control itching and irritation as it is enriched with tea tree oil
Pongamia oil Reduce vaginal odor and discomfort. As it has anti fungal properties. 
Makes you feel fresh and confident. 
Price – INR 65 for 50ml 
Packaging–  It comes in a small handy rectangular bottle packed in a paper carton pack. Bottle is sealed with a green flip flop cap to prevent any leakage. And also makes it easy to use 
My Experience  
It has mild floral fragrance and very gentle on vaginal area. Intimate area feels clean and fresh after using it. It doesn’t make skin dry. Absolutely safe for pregnant woman. 
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About Himalaya intimate Wipes
Himalaya intimate Wipes for moms are from same line as intimate wash. But this is in the form of wipes to clean your intimate area.
It comes in a travel friendly package. And you don’t need to use water to wash it off. 
You just need to clean your external  vaginal area from front to back and dispose it after one use. 
Package–  They comes in various size package with 10 or 25 wipes. The package is travel friendly and can easily be carried in hand bags. 
Price– 10 wipes packet is for- INR 50 
So I found it really convenient to use when traveling or outside for whole day. Very easy to use. 
I am going to add these HIMALAYA INTIMATE WIPES or WASH in my daily personal hygiene routine. 
I am really glad that Himalaya have launched these really important and useful products keeping in mind pregnant woman or new moms. Did you find these products really useful to maintain your personal hygiene during or after pregnancy. 
Share your thoughts. ?
A well written piece of advise from a doting mother- Sakshi Bhardwaj. 
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