I am writing the story about my most important part of life. Being a woman we wear many caps to be sure about our personal & professional life. Pregnancy is one of them.

I being a working woman had few plans in head to do in life at different padestals of personal growth just when the news arrived to be a mother & it was not easy to accept it all of a sudden..

That August’2018 I was feeling slight changes in my body for being pregnant for the first time. I kept asking my husband about having a home pregnancy test till my next period cycle arrived. I read a lot from different website & sources about the symptoms including feeling ache in entire body

I still remember when I just could not resist myself & got it tested with home pregnancy kit 3 days before my LMP (last monthly period). when I first saw, neither I could believe nor Vikrant since the another line in the pregnancy stick was little lighter & we were no expert. We did our research if the light shade pink confirms the positive pregnancy test result. Yess!! its still positive even if its lighter with presence of small amount of
hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin). A positive result indicates that your urine contains HCG and you can assume you are pregnant.

Although we had another HPK test with indication of darker pink line to have the confirmed results with a following doctor’s confirmation. Everyone cherished the moment except me who got damn scared to be ready for this new journey of life. Everyone was celebrating in the family & I was entering in my most anxious mode of deep thinking.

During my first 3 months, I hated food & any type of cravings. I hardly ate anything just to survive for myself & the fetus. I was going through a lot of mental & physical torture altogether without knowing whats even dramatic would be coming in next months . I had my small part of morning sickness which was not as worse as I heard from many to be moms. I kept checking out on my bump if its visible but its hardly any bump in your first trimester.

Somehow that First first trimester was the boon of pregnancy when I entered my second trimester which was 4th month of pregnancy when my legs started responding & muscle pain began at joints & little struggles started to stand still for longer hours. These two months were still fine to pass by & little bumpy was visible till that time. I could feel the bowel movement in my body, the life which was living inside me. Till this time, I had started the alien attachment with this 5 months human in me. Gained some 5-6 kgs weight

Now, I entered in my 6th month, just when daddy to be came back from the ship & at the same time my bump started increasing rapidly. All my cravings were at place in my 6th month including all that khatta, meetha, sweets, ice creams, gol gappe. I turned out to be the all time demanding woman for food to eat something specific at one time. Sometime I wanted aloo tikki & other time just late night grapes munching. This month has been the most dramatic & important month for my experience. The body ache, the RLS(Restless legs Syndrome), Sleepless nights, Side changing while sleeping & 12 kgs of weight gain.

Now, it’s my 7th month & this is just the summery I have shared. I can write an entire book for my experience. I am due in May’2019 & already counting my days to see him/her. There are lot of experiences I want to hare like listening to his heartbeat for the first time gave me tears.

There is a lot to write & I will come up with another phrase in next article with my 2nd month ups & downs about all those sicknesses & drastic changes in my body.