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Top 15 Iphone Covers For Quirky Fashion Lovers

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I have been a victim of phone covers when my sister’s husband asked for my black phone cover because he had a girlish phone cover & since then I am struggling serious issues with my phone cover.

The first person to criticise my phone cover is my spouse who keeps throwing away my device just because he hates the look of it. I mean yeah, this is a serious problem of phone covers. Especially, iPhone users have to be quite responsible while choosing their phone cover since a wrong cover can totally ruin the impression of entire apple reign. Please do not put the value of your iPhone down.


During all my encounters with fashionable people & my own choices, I have come across few decent phone cover designs which are only made for fashion freaks like me.

Well, I am doing this post because he(Mr husband) has thrown away my phone cover & I am in phone cover hunting mode these days.

There is this flood of iPhone phone covers at very affordable prices online where you have a thousand types of designs & price comparison sitting at your laptop window. Then what are you waiting for? Here are some quirky iPhone covers to pick from or you can shop from any portal of your choice. I got mine from

Men women both need a phone cover at-least to keep their phone safe since we all keep dropping our phones. If we are keeping a phone cover anyway then why not wear it with swag.

“Sab Moh Maya Hai” is one of my favorite phone covers not because it’s very quirky & common but I really mean it to show my phone when someone gets cranky about life.


Camouflage! I mean who does not love this print? Dude, I love camouflage in jeans, tops, scarves, glares, caps & whatever I can buy in this tough pattern, I will buy without a second thought. 

I know lots of you who love their dogs like their babies  & I absolutely cannot deny this fact how much you all love this dog picture phone cover. Hey, I suggest you can also customize one for yourself from any customized pro website store.

Trust me, these studded pearls are not outdated. Pearls & diamonds are never going out of fashion so, pick your favorite one if you are doubting it to be too glittery. Glittery is too in.

Well, for cycle lovers who are fond of playing with colors here is the right choice.

We all know how high fashion is wolf nowadays. It’s just superbly sexy to own this hot picture of a wolf on your phone.


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