“Knock On wood” Crafting Stories with FurnitureBased out of New Delhi and Chandigarh, with a focus on customized and bespoke hardwood furniture, Knock on Wood (KNW) voices stories through its designs. It’s a brand that has built itself from a legacy of over a decade from its home brand ‘House of Design’ to combat the dearth of custom-created quality furniture, it is now a dedicated furniture and product design studio that prioritizes quality over quantity and is focused on creating pieces that take centre stage in its clients space.

Knock On wood
Fostering the brand’s love affair with wood, the KNW brand crafts contemporary wooden furniture that is a unison of art, science and functionality, and is dedicated to detail.With a modern manufacturing facility of around 10,000 sq.ft. and a special R&D lab dedicated to implement research on products, working mechanisms for specific applications, and to test the behavior of various finishes on wood and metal, KNW is a craftsmen’s and design connoisseurs’ paradise.

Knock On wood

Knock On wood
The lab’s functionality extends to implement stress testing on all designed products.Driven by dynamic and passionate individuals, KNW’s team is led by Aarti Aggarwal, a renowned furniture and chair designer. With a qualified design team of over 12 people (8 designers, 4 engineers) engaged in customer interface, design, approval, project planning and delivery. Its manufacturing team of 45 comprises highly skilled carvers, carpenters, craftsmen, 5 axis router programmers and operators.KNW is a subsidiary of India’s largest mobility solutions creator -JCBL GROUP, which is a conglomerate with diversified interests in the automobile and pharmaceutical domains.

Over the years, the axis of growth has been on innovation and in providing world class products and service solutions to customers. The designs and projects of KNW have appeared in prestigious art and design publications nationally and worldwide. Quality, custom made furniture has chiseled a home for itself at Knock On Wood.

KNW products have been published in magazines like Hinge, Ideal homes & gardens , Architectural Digest , Elle decor, Vogue , Kyoorius 29, India Today Homes and many more.

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