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How To Lose Unwanted Body Weight Without Going on Diet

How to lose weight without dieting, Food photo

where about 795 million people in the world are suffering with lack of proper food resources, half of the world is suffering with overweight & obesity. Figures show that there have been around 3.4 million deaths caused by obesity & overweight.

What are the reasons of these eye-opening figures where half people are dying of hunger &  half of them because of overweight? There are not any estimated reasons apart from lazy lifestyle & bad food habits. Junk food, lack of exercise & stress are some major causes of overweight in men & women both. There are women keep asking me how to lose belly fat in a week. Ammm! I would say stop eating & tell me how the results show up.(Just Kidding)

Also, follow skin care regime after age 25.

In some cases obesity may occur because of some illness & ruined metabolism but most of the time it’s always these common reasons to gain weight.

In women it’s the major reason of their stress that they can’t wear all types of dresses because of overweight. Obesity has become a symbol of shame among women & men. Obesity does not only effect your body shape but it also effects your health since most of the major disease attack your immune system because of overweight.

I am a lean person & I have been a chubby girl at times. What worked for me when I got fat on my face & chubby body. Though my Mom was very happy with my chubby avatar but I always wanted a sleek face & toned body.

For me it may be a different scenario since I am not a foody person at all. I just eat to make myself fueled for the day. But then I wanted a remedy to work on where I would not have to make extra time for my weight-loss program.

Someone suggested me green tea for it’s health benefits. Initially I din’t like the taste of green tea but It became my regular habit with time. No No! Green tea is not the real culprit.

Well! I came back home in India & din’t bother to get green tea at home. Since I was addicted to green tea I started drinking plain hot water. You won’t believe what hot water did to my body. I never went on diet. I would eat desi ghee, white butter & whatever I wanted. After finishing my meal I would put my water on gas to get heated. Make sure water is smokey hot.  There are many other benefits of drinking hot water.

Hot water puts your body calories on work & ease the muscles. when you drink hot water after your meal, it help in metabolism & don’t let fats stick to your body. You can assume it as water melts your fatty tissues & resolve it with time.

You do not need to go on diet plan & bla bla. Eat what you like & when you like. Drink hot water as many times as possible. Make it your addiction & I bet you will thank me later. Within a month you will see great results. Now you don’t need to search on internet How to lose weight in a month since after this remedy you will be free from all extra fats.

I would still prefer a little work out will release feel-good hormones which are good for health & body.

Now my entire family is cursing me to stop drinking hot water since am too lean that they want me to gain again & am working on weight gain program now.



P.S- We don’t give any medical recognition to the above mentioned remedies but it’s all natural. There is not any harm have been noticed as of now.

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