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A Day Night At Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door

Traveling is the only inspiration for me to work hard, save enough & see the globe with my loved one. I have been to some of the spectacular locations which took my breath away from the phenomenal natural architecture they had. Durdle Door is today’s pick.

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  1. All About Durdle Door:-

One of those marvel places is “Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door ” which is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast near Lulworth in Dorset, England. Durdle door is said to be the door to heaven & owned by a British family WILDE, they allowed for public visit. Durdle door is one of the best places to visit in England or you can say most amazing places in the world to go before you die. 

Drive from London to Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door are 129 miles which is around 2 hours 40 minutes. 

The beauty of the place cannot be justified in pictures. We planned our quick car trip to Dorset & slept in the car overnight (We had our blankets) since we could not find a hotel room with such urgency. One has to prebook their stay in advance since there are very few hotels. There are trekking & camping activities you can do. It is a very secluded beach during most of the year.

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There were families enjoying their weekend in tents. We are still grateful for the public toilets there, which were very hygienically clean with hot water services without any service fees.


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We were four & we felt secluded from the entire modern world throughout the time being there. The sunrise was more precious than any club night in the city life. It was clean, calm & serene. In the night it was scary as hell since there was nobody except 2-3 restaurants & few villagers.

We were near that lulworth arch & did not realise the horrifying place it was in deep. Lulworth was deep & beautiful that we could see that in the sunlight properlyt. We visited the place by a samll walk near by. There were yellow bulbs & insects around the light & you could literally hear that sound of insects flying.


The stones have been changed their shapes & we collected some beautiful marble round stones for a memory. we clicked this picture for our footprints from this place. All beautiful beaches in UK are clean & crowded. Durdle door is one of the calmest & unique seaside in the world.

You can see the blue & transparent water of ocean near at the coast.This bluewater beach in UK has kept itself in this state with some rules & regulations. You cant throw any trash on the beachside or you will be heavily fined.

Durdle door limestone walls & brown street dust take you to the Greek god age of natures beauty. I was feeling I have traveled in a time machine to view this place & there was no modern human.

Top travel bloggers in the world are travel gods for us who keeps posting such informative article that helps us to find these mesmerizing locations hidden in the world corners.

Few things all travelers should keep in mind before you go anywhere: 

  1. Keep your baggage as less as possible.
  2. It’s good if you focus less on fashion than comfort.
  3. Keep an extra pair of shoes for traveling.
  4. If you are traveling by car, keep some warm sheets to cover yourself in case you cant find a place to stay. I am saying this because I have experienced it many times.
  5. It’s preferable if you wear covered clothes since it protects you from sunburn, insect attack & many other unwished troubles.
  6. keep your toiletries handy.
  7. keep an extra pack of hairbands since you will get super annoyed with loose hair.
  8. some healthy snacks are best for foodie souls.
  9. always use a traveling backpack rather than a formal suitcase or bags.
  10.  conserve energy by taking the small baby step instead of jumping off to show off.

Photography Tips for Travellers: 

  1. Try to capture the scenery more than your pretty faces because we know you are beautiful.
  2. For an avid solo traveler, a tripod the basic necessity.
  3. Take bigger portraits than zoom pictures.
  4. Sunlights photography is best for saving the authenticity of any place.
  5. Do not feel shame for asking a favor of clicking pictures for you instead of clicking 100 selfies.


The white chalk & limestone rocks outstand this seaside as white isle. Lulworth Cove a narrow arch entrance which looks like a diamond ring.

She is my sister in the above picture & I wanted to crop her out of the picture. But, she would eat me alive if I do so. 

My Outfit details for the post:

can you see the port visible in the above picture? By the way, I am wearing the check block short jacket from blueink, Uk. I have a wide wardrobe from which I collected during my PG their. All thanks to my Dad sending me there. The skull bag I am carrying in the picture was my favorite accessory in that time & was gifted by a friend who loves skulls.

If I remember my shoes are from Primark, UK & bottoms I do not remember. This one was an early morning picture just after we woke up to the sunrise after a long night in the car. But, trust me it was super worth of putting any heights of efforts to witness the morning view of Durdle Door.

Which car To use For Travelling in Uk:

I would suggest you can hie any good Suv or sedan cars for traveling in Uk if you are going on a long weekend trip. I am saying this because these cars are more spacious & comfortable. Our car in the picture was hit by a pole tucked behind it while reversing it. It was the only turnoff for this entire trip to Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door, Dorset.


While writing this article, I was lost in the calm roads we drove to reach here. If the journey is eye candy then the destination is worth even with a little of it. I do have some of my car pictures also but I am very sleepy & looking wierd in those, so keeping them hidden in my laptop folders only.


The Castle in

Well, last but not least. Let’s talk about the food there. I am a vegetarian & it’s almost impossible for me to get good food wherever I go. But, hey I found this delicious pasta cooked well in white cream & garlic sauce with some chilly chips as shown in the picture. Also, I am big foodie lover when it’s about different of dips. England is a place of potato. You will find the best potato recipes in the UK. Britishers literally live on fish & chips. Damn! I am feeling hungry again so I am going to sleep now.

And yes, the Bollywood movie”Houseful 3″ song “Pyar Ki Maa Ki” was shot in Durdle Door. Many Hollywood movies have also been shot here. watch out-



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