Winters are here. Most of us love the weather and cheer it brings along. However, there are millions in our country for who winter is not the best of times. There are kids who have to brave the harsh winter without any woolens to keep them warm.
Godrej Ezee has started a brilliant campaign of donating old woolens to the needy people. As a human, this is our native duty to help another living being.
Ezee has come up with a great cause of helping those who don’t get enough of basic resources for life. We have seen poor kids shivering on road sides in winters. They can’t even afford woolens to protect themselves in winters.
We are obliged to be part of such nice act & seeking contribution from everyone to donate their old woolens to the nearest donation center in Gurgaon, Delhi, Faridabad, Noida & Ghaziabad. Ezee will wash them & prepare them for needy people.

Support this Ezee challenge & spread the message to your college, neighbor& friend circle.

Your used woolen will be a warm hug to someone for this entire cold season. The campaign started at Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi where students donated their woolens for the initiative. Let’s join our hands together with Ezee challenge & be a part of humanity.
Every year, Delhi records hundreds of deaths in lack of proper cloths for underprivileged. There should be plenty of cloths in your wardrobe which are not in use anymore. So, get up & pay your part in a good cause.
120 schools, 30 plus colleges across Delhi/NCR and Ola have joined the initiative. It’s your turn now!