I recently posted a picture of mine with my Mother-in-law applying Henna(Mehendi) in my hair to refrain it from dandruff. Every girl asks How to own beautiful long Hair & Colour at home. 

I am a kind of person to add a little more in all remedies for enhancing the after results & that’s what I did to my henna paste also. I did add two spoons of curd & lemon juice in the paste. Once you have done with your homemade hair spa, flaunt your trendy hair colors.

So I am sharing my step by step experience of henna with curd & lemon.

Step1- Heena Paste

Boil some tea water & keep it aside to cool down(You may use any tea brand which leaves good color in water). Add some good brand henna (mehendi) like I have used Nupur Mehendi. My MIL(Mother in law) poured a medium sized sachet which was enough for my length of hair. Then, I added two big spoons of curd to the paste & few drops of lemon juice to make it more proactive towards dandruff. So, this is our paste ready to apply.

Step2- Applying henna Paste

I have not done it myself. My Mother-in-law did it for me since it was her idea to put Mehendi in my hair. She applied it streaks by streaks adding it to the high bun like I have shared in my insta story if you follow me on Instagram on my instagram handle @Oimfashionn.I left my hair with henna on it for 2-3 hours till it dried up & finished my other works to utilize that time.

Step3- Washing off Henna

The rule says you don’t have to shampoo your hair if you applied henna or any other hair treatment remedy. Wash it off with the plain water. Make sure to rinse off your henna properly else it will leave stains on your head towel. Leave hair to dry well.

Ste4- Post Henna Therapy

This is the easiest one like your regular hair washing method. Just do a good oil massage & leave it overnight. Wash your hair next day morning with normal water & here are the results.


Results are very satisfying. You will see a different texture of your hair. Better Volume hair with a beautiful shade of henna. Dandruff therapy I am still doubting but I loved henna for giving such lavish treatment at the price of peanuts.

Please do share your comments & tag us in your Instagram photos for your henna results. Stay healthy, beautiful & fashionable.