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Numerology- How Your Name Affects Your Life

Numerology Prem lata Sharma

Name affects our life in a major way. Our name has a great influence on our fortune because our name defines the destiny of our whole life. We are not the one who gives name to someone But, its nature that defines your identity. Name is defined by nature according to our fate. We have come up with the maths of naming called Numerology.

Sometimes, parents decide a name after lots of discussions and the person is known with some other name in future. This is the game of nature. One should make sure to follow the rule of nature before giving name.

You can also learn this deep theory of numerology in easy lessons by Mrs Prem Lata Sharma.

Your naming process includes few basic information about your Date of birth, Time of Birth, Sun sign , Moon sign and Lagna Chart.

The person can touch the heights of success with the right Name and situation can get worse vice versa. We can not change our fate But, We can make yourself stronger to bear the circumstances. Every name has its power numbering and energy. This you may call a type of mathematics. This is one of the theory from Hindu Mythology. You believe it or not But It does exist and do its work consistently.

We will come again with more information about Name and life in our next article from Mrs Prem Lata Sharma. Till then run your mind and find out the meaning of your name.

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