As we all know Air pollution is growing in many of Indian cities, leading to multiple health concerns. Majority of pollution we face while being on road in the cars. Now, Philips have launched an fashionably portable GoPure Air purifier for cars with their founded company Lumileds.

Philips Compact 110 car airpurifier

Philips GoPure compact 110 is an efficient and healthy solutions to absorb the car pollution while driving. The compact 110 works at a multifunctional filtration technology that converts up-to 99% of polluted air into fresh air in just 15 minutes, Great for Asthma Patients.

philips compact 110 3-layer filtration

Mr Rajiv Khosla, MD-Lumileds(Founded by Philips) and Mr Forest Shen, Global Product marketing Manager says” For the beginning to remove Car air pollution this is a quality products to improve the overall health quotient for vehicle owners and their families”.

Mr Rajiv Khosla and Mr Forest Shen philps

Pricing– Rs.7,999 available at

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