Pink has always been one of the most liked color for the girls, but who dares to live there life wearing pink, using pink, seeing pink and eating pink. No one, right? But yes we do have a(this) lady who leads her  “monochromatic” life as she terms it. Here’s presenting the beautiful, pink woman Kitten Kay Sera, 52 years the world’s pinkest person, who is the ultimate pink lady. Kitten is not the only lady living her life queen style, watch out 80 years old model carmen Dellorefice.

pink Lady kitten key SeraShe lives in a pink house in Hollywood accessorized with pink everything and hasn’t worn anything but pink for as long as 35 years. If that wasn’t enough to stun you, she also dyes her dog named Miss Kisses using vet approved beetroot juice dyes. Her flawless beauty secret is her happiness.

pink Lady kitten key SeraShe recently has won the Ripley’s Believe it or Not ‘pinkest person’ title. When asked how she feels about being our “pink lady” she says, “I consider myself proudly to be a pink flamingo in a world of pigeons. I am the world’s pinkest person and my life is devoted to the color. Some people think I am weird but frankly I am fierce and fabulous.” Position of Venus planet predicts your luxury and love life. 

pink Lady kitten key Serapink Lady kitten key Serapink Lady kitten key SeraBut, this dedication towards pink doesn’t come cheap. Kitten admits to have spent over million dollars for her “pinkification”. To keep her love with pink alive, she works as a singer, TV personality and character actress and not only that but her pink house is popular among designers and celebrities like Paris Hilton, Beyoncé, Ruby Rose and Ellen Bon Unwerth. Miss universe 2017 received all these rewards.

pink Lady kitten key Serapink Lady kitten key SeraTalking about her pink villa, she gladly shows about her pink shell bed she sleeps in with pink sheets. Her restroom is stocked with everything pink from soaps to towels and even toilet paper. We can just wonder how patiently she Kitten must have collected her pink world.

Travel at the speed of Airplane in hyperloop train.

pink Lady kitten key Serapink Lady kitten key Serapink Lady kitten key Serapink Lady kitten key SeraKitten shares her journey of being the pink lady, how it all started. Kitten says “I gave all my other color clothes away. My family thought it was a phase, but I am starting my fourth decade of pink power and am not looking back”. She tells how experimenting with different colors made her spend more money on clothes she never wore, that didn’t suit her complexion. Wearing pink made her feel stronger and the stress of deciding nice attire was no more there “Kitten added.

Kay Sera differs to agree on the stereotypical view of pink being girly. She reiterates that for her it is “empowering and fierce”.

Her favorite shade of pink is “soft pink”, but she draws the line at fuchsia – it’s too red for her taste. She wants people to remember her as the “Pink Lady of the World”.

Even during Christmas, she usually gets a pink Christmas tree every year with pink stockings, pink lights, pink wrapping paper and bows. For her, pink can never be boring it always brings positivism and empowerment. Kitten keeps getting pink gifts from around the world as brand promotions.

pink woman kitten key SeraShe adds “Miss Kisses loves Pink as much as I do”. Together, Kitten and Kisses have appeared on over 35 television shows and been featured in several feature films, blogs and magazines.

The “Queen of Pink” also dyed her blonde hair pink which looks really sexy on her.

Kitten Kay Sera and Miss Kisses surely make a really cute pair of pinkies. We just hope their love and bond with pink continues forever. And here is big hi-five to pink lovers.