The beauty of a woman multiplies when she adorns herself in an ethnic wear. Although there are different ethnic outfits popular in India, there is something unique about salwarkameez. This dress is not just elegant but also extremely comfortable. And that is probably the reason why it has gained unmatched popularity in different parts of India among women across ages.

Punjabi SalwarKameezAlthough the concept of this dress is old, it has seen no dip in its popularity ever since its inception. If you are a salwarkameez fan, then you certainly know that no other dress can beat it, no matter what.

So, mentioned below are a few reasons that make salwarkameez the best dress to pick this festive season.

1. The first and most important reason that makes salwarkameez the best fit for festivals is that it looks extremely elegant. And the credit definitely goes to fashion designers who work out amazing designs for this dress.

When you take a stroll round to the market, you see how many different varieties of this outfit are available for purchase. There are those evergreen patialas that make you look your best irrespective of your vital statistics.

Punjabi SalwarKameezAnd then there are churidar sets that transform you into a gorgeous diva. You can also find this peculiar variety in which the kurta comes with side and front slits and the bottom looks like palazzo pants.

Another variety which is quite popular for festivals is Pakistani salwar kameez. What sets this variety apart from other routine salwarkameez varieties is its loose fitting nature. If you thought loose fitting salwarkameez looks boring, then you were all wrong. This variety looks stunning and is not just popular in Pakistan but also in many other parts of the world including India.

If you are thinking of buying a set of Pakistani salwarkameez then make sure you get a set in which the kurta is full sleeved. Pakistani salwarkameez doesn’t look great in short-sleeved kurtas.

2. Another factor that makes salwarkameez suitable for wear during festivals is its versatility as an outfit. Yes, starting from varieties that go well with formal occasions to ones that match casual events, the collection of salwarkameez stocked by present-day shops are huge. So, no matter what kind of festival you want a set of salwarkameez for, you can always come across the right piece.

Punjabi SalwarKameez3. Unlike western dresses that look over the board even with a little heavy work, salwarkameez looks more elegant when comes adorned with thread work and embellishments. So, if you are someone who has strong dislike for bland and boring clothes, then opting for salwarkameez would be the best bet this festive season.

Punjabi SalwarKameez4. Price is another factor. You can find salwarkameez in a range of prices. So, if you have already spent a lot of money making arrangements for the festivities, and want to keep the dress a little low key, then you should look for a low budget set of salwarkameez. The good news is, you can find amazing collections of less expensive salwarkameez in the market. All you need is to choose one that goes well with the festival.


  1. I entirely agree with you Ritu that a good clothes transform into a gorgeous diva and I really like salwar kameez which is here in your blog.nice article going well Neha…