Reflectors sunglasses are worn in the entire world to protect eyes from UV rays & bright sunlight in summers. Now, sunglasses are one of the major fashion accessory for men and women worldwide. Brands of sunglasses for women which are top in the world.

From celebrities to kids everyone have their wide collection of different types of sunglasses. Reflector sunglasses are high in trend these days because of it’s beauty & style. There are certain things you need to know about reflectors which are not just it’s fashion appeal.

Reflectors are available in different shapes and colors now in almost all high street brands. Reflector aviators are one of the most adored design of sunglasses. Bausch and Lomb first launched their aviators in 1936 for the pilots to protect their eyes from air force. Now, basic brands like vincent chase are offering some fabulous designs of reflectors at very reasonable prices.

Things you need to know about reflectors:

  1. Mirror Coating: 

Reflectors have mirror coating of different metals to reflect the light back. The simplest version of coating on reflectors is a single layer of deposited thin film. There is a mirror image seen on the coat of the reflector.

2. Eyes Protection:

Reflectors does not absorb the bright light and reflect it back which keeps the eyes of wearer safe & protected. It also provide a better vision to the wearer.

3. Color of Reflectors:

The color of the mirror coating is independent of the tint of the lenses. It is determined by the thickness and structure of the layer. Reflectors are available in almost all bright colors like yellow, blue and green.

“I have got greenish yellow from Vincent chase”

4. Secret spy:

no one can see the eyes of the person wearing reflectors since there is sharp reflection coating outside of the glass. Well, now you can stare anyone you want without letting them know (Just kidding).

5. Wear and Tear:

Reflectors are prone to scratches since mirror coating is very delicate.for increasing the durability of your reflectors  you can add on more coating of metal.



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