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Vinod Khanna Son Sakshi Khanna looks Exactly Like Him

Vinod Khanna Son Sakshi Khanna

From the 80’s movies I was a die-hard fan of the legend actor Vinod Khanna. He was one of the most handsome bollywood actors of the time. The cute smile and manly approach was a great combo. I wished to watch him more from the same age the same stance. Shridevi daughter Jhanvi Kapoor is also ready to come on silver screen soon.

Here, we have got stunning surprise from his look-alike “Sakshi Khanna” who is third and the youngest son of Vinod Khanna with his second wife. This guy has got the substance to shatter anyone’s heart and mind. The artist sight, the attitude and the cute expressions reminding the golden era of 80’s veteran actor Vinod Khanna. We followed his instagram account and got to see his quirky lifestyle shared by him:

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He is a doting Photographer, an animal Lover and an outstanding person in real life. There is talk in town about his début with Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali. We wish him a great Bollywood life like the family(Mr Vinod Khanna, Akshay khanna, Rahul Khanna).

They call me mellow yellow 📷 by @iamjairamchandani #happyplace #notsohappyface

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You can follow him in Insta with name svkhanna

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