We adore our hair no less than Rapunzel. The tenderness of your hair defines your beauty. In my growing age, I never cared for my hair exclusively but now this is very important to use right products & hair-care for keeping them healthy. Blow-dry hair tips will help you to keep hair safe without much damage. Today we are talking about hair color.

There was an era when hair color was only used to cover grey hair but now its the time when back hair are covered to get grey colors. yes, fashion world is massive with something unusual every now & then. We have been following all those hair shades which suits our skin, texture & personality but for an outstanding look you have just one life to try anything out of the crowd.Also remember to get good quality hair shades available in market.

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I have done my research & have been following all English, Russian & Japanese fashion shows to celebrities. Many of my friends of Indian skin have colored hair red, blue & pink. Moreover, I am infusing you all to again push your boundaries & try these cute funky colors. These sparkling color trends are not gone yet if you feel its a gone thing now. Here are the most trendiest hair shades worldwide.

Rose Quartz:

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Rose is the symbol of beauty & feminism. Rose pink hair color gives a fairy look to the wearer. we have spotted number of international celebrities & fashion ramp models getting their hair in rose shade. There are different shades available in this shade card. In coming 2018, rose quartz is going to be one of the most lavish hair trend.

Grey Hair:

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Like I said, there was time when grey hair was a shame to hide one’s age. Now, fashionistas are going gaga behind this new hottest trend of 2018. There are different textures of grey shades. We can find pictures of celebrities stepping out with this amazing hair do which express a lot about your bold attitude.

Ocean Blue:

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Thanks to Instagram, we have different ways of getting beach inspired looks. From now on you may dye your beach waves in complicated shades for a true striking look. Here we have selected some ocean hair colors for 2018, to give you new ideas on how to paint your hair differently. Ocean hair color is a new trend that uses multiple tones including subtle hints of green, teal, turquoise etc.

Burnt Orange

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Hair experts & colorist are continuously working to surprise us with something astonishing in every new fashion season. The best thing about burnt orange shade is that it goes well with all skin shades including fair, medium or dark. You will definitely rock this look since its safe side. I have this color shade too shown in the feature image.

Unicorn rainbow colors:

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Well, Unicorn colors needs a little bit more attention as per care concerns. Its bold & hot color. You have to be little cautious about your skin tone & eye color to match with hue color chart.

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