The global leader of foam-coated furniture, Sixinch Design, marks its entry in the country with Sixinch India – owned by Namrata Seth and Gagan Deep Bhatia. Sixinch India is synonymous with panache and never-ending creativity. The name originates from the space between our ears – a mere‘six’ inch wide gap.
Sixinch designer furniture

Founded by Pieter Jamart and Michel Sels in 2003, the Belgian company, Sixinch, blends innovation with progressive design. Today the International furniture and design company has manufacturing units in Portugal, Japan, China, USA, India, Philippines, Italy, Belgium, Russia and CIS, with a distribution is globally known for creating, designing and manufacturing high-end foam coated furniture and architectural products.

Sixinch designer furniture

Sixinch is globally known for creating, designing and manufacturing high-end foam coated furniture and architectural products. The flexibility of the Sixnch Technology allows one to create and customise full foam furniture [without any support of wood/spring] using high density foam which is seamlessly sprayed with a Sixinch weather-proof, flexible coating that results in a soft seating.

1. Sixinch Collection: A wide range that varies from the classic Louis furniture, to the award-winning organic Cliffy Sofa and other modern geometric shapes

2. Sixinch Custom Projects: The freedom and opportunity to turn one’s creativity into reality. The company excels in customized pieces as the Sixinch Technology offers the capability of producing virtually any shape of any size in any possible colour.

3. Sixinch Application: Sixinch products can be incorporated for commercial, retail, residential, hotel and other infinite possibilities across indoor and outdoor spaces. The company also aspires to make a notable difference by using this technology to sculpt wall surfaces and provide solutions for the medical, automotive and marine industry

Sixinch designer furniture
Founded in Belgium in 2003, Sixinch is the global leader for foam coated products. Sixinch was born with the vision to blend innovation together with progressive design. Pioneers in the field of high concept foam coated products; the Sixinch technology allows one to explore their creativity to create dramatic designs with no limits. Sixinch India is the first and only company in India to execute this technology. The products have great offering across various aspects – comfort, texture, design, maintenance, hygiene, functionality, etc. They are perfect for both indoor & outdoor environments and are extremely kid friendly.


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