The onslaught of fiery colors shouldn’t throw you off! Enjoy the rain of pink, red, and yellow hues this Holi! Liven up your day and celebrate the festival of colors without fretting about your skin losing its
shine. We give you a great insight into how to keep your skin safe from the barrage of colors that’ll paint
your face this Holi-day. Try our pre-Holi skincare tips to abstain from any skin problems. Enjoy Holi and play safe with best Bollywood songs.

1. Dab on some oil!

5 skincare tips for holi

One sure-shot way of enjoying Holi with not a care in the world, is to follow certain skincare hacks. Rub some coconut or olive oil into your skin. Let your skin completely absorb the goodness of natural oils
and if you don’t take much to oils, you can opt to apply a liberal amount of cold creams on your skin. Protect your skin by using a shielding layer of either oil or cream. In fact, we’d advise you to massage some oil in your scalp, to assure protection from harmful colorful agents.

2. Keep your skin covered

5 skincare tips for holi

It’s best to prevent any skin exposure to the damaging chemicals present in bright Holi colors. Wear full length clothes. Preferably a full-sleeved kurta paired with a salwar so that there is minimal skin exposure.

3. Opt Only for Organic

5 skincare tips for holi

It’s a habit that you must adopt if you haven’t already! During Holi time, use only herbal or organic colors. These are easily available in online stores and kirana stores and you’d rather buy these than load your skin with harmful chemical colors. Go for only organic this Holi, and for all the other Holi-days to come!

4. Make up to the rescue

5 skincare tips for holi

Yes, you read right! Make up could be a smart way to prevent skin problems alluding to a rambunctious Holi-day. Applying a thick coat of sunscreen will better your chances at keeping your skin healthy and happy! Irrespective of whether your make-up is in powder or liquid form, you can do with some makeup to reduce irritation from colors. Keep your finger nails and toe nails trimmed; apply a thick coat of nail paint to keep them way from toxic colors.

5. Become a water baby

5 skincare tips for holi

Harmful chemicals are said to strip your skin of moisture. Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated this Holi. Before stepping out to play, make you’ve consumed a lot of water.

Enjoy a safe and Happy Holi!

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