Though I am not a story teller with photography. I do it for fashion So in today’s article also. I almost write my heart out in all my writings. Today, also the idea to sustain the message in the pictures is peace of nature.

“In a quite spring afternoon, this beautiful ypung girl got herself ready out of woman interest. She walks out of her doorstep to feel the nature. We can sense her mood swings from pleasure to downhearted in the pictures. She seems of collecting the moments with green fresh leaves of plants lost in her thoughts. She looks complete divine in this stream of pictures”

We would love to take ths suggestions for the script if anyone wish to visualise this short picturesque.
*I am not a photographer also*

Style Check List:

Long white Kurta- Zara white linen
Long Cotton Skirt- Jabong Ethnic Collection


Colourful crystal bangles(Easily Available on any jewellery & bangle store)
Clair’s Neck beats Mala (Bought it years ago from London)

**We can also add Punjabi juti’s as footwear & a cling purse of any merging light colour to complement skirt’s bright colours **


Spring Summer Fashion

Spring Summer Fashion


Spring Summer FashionSpring Summer Fashion

Spring Summer Fashion

Spring Summer Fashion

Make-Up & Style By Ritu Pandit(Not a make-up artist again)
Volunteer Model

We will come up with everyday styling sessions with new people & new outfit trends. Keep loving Oimfashion 🙂