Women are supposed as goddess in Indian tradition. New bride is welcomed in the new family with her  foot-marks in the house entrance since she is considered as goddess of wealth & prosperity. Feet tells a lot about your hygiene & personality.

I have lots of female friends who keep asking for the easy tips to keep their feet neat & beautiful. I am saying female friends because men have their feet covered most of time & hardly face any show. Trust me, you all are beautiful & it just takes some regular care to keep your beauty vibrating.

If we care for something it always give good returns be its your work or your skin. I have been very lazy to do do all those everyday chorus for healthy skin & body but with time i realized its very important to give few minutes to yourself instead of complaining. You can read my Daily skincare regime.

I am sharing some quick & easy tips with my own experience to keep feet beautiful & healthy.

Proper Foot Cleaner:

When I was a kid, my mom used to have a aluminium ankle cleaner for everyday foot hygiene. I don’t use so many high maintained cosmetic products for my feet. I have a cloth washing wooden brush with soft plastic wires & a regular soap which I use to clean my feet everyday while taking shower. Add some soap to the brush to clean your foot ankles, nails & dead cells. This will become your daily habit once you see the results.

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*You can also use your old tooth brush*

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Proper moisturizer:

There are lots of foot cream available in the market which will make your cosmetic bills super pricey. For me, Vaselene petroleum jelly is the boon of multipurpose remedy. You can also use glycerin & rosewater mixture in winters. This mixture will remove your dead cells & dirt while keeping your feet moist. Also, drink lot of water to avoid dry skin.

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Complete Nail care:

Well, if you avoid your nails & often keep them chipped then it will leave your feet look ugly & unhygienic. Keep trimming your nails & apply a good nail polish of your choice.

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I know you know scrubbing well. Once in a while do pamper your feet with good scrub massage. Our feet bear a lot of fatigue from day to night. Give them their share of care.You can use any homemade or good quality cosmetic scrub.

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Good Shoes:

Oh god! this is real pain. I have been treating all those scars I was gifted from shoes I loved. Wear right size shoes which does not poke your skin or use a bandage to cover your scar prone foot corners to avoid those dark scars.

                                                                                                                                                In winters simply apply moisturizer & wear socks to keep your feet beautiful. I have a lot to share but its the most brief summery I can give you. you can leave your queries on my social media profile message boxes or in the comment section below. I will try to revert as soon as possible.