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5 Tips to Make your Travel Hassle Free- Travel Tips for Girls

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Travelling is always fancy whenever we plan or go for an unplanned trip. I have been travelling quite a lot during my studies & work assignments.I have written some travel tips from my travel experience.

I am a kind of person who has dual personalities of being lazy & super packed with my swag. I have struggled all the troubles I went by because of travel mistakes I avoided.

You can always plan an unplanned travel but unplanned travel too require some sort of planning. Trust me, you get the freedom of travelling only when you travel smartly.

I am sharing few of my travel tips I learnt from my bad experiences. Below are the treasure of tips-

Hotel Booking:

My experience says, never rely on last minute booking. We have stuck many time times on roads because of no  availability of hotels. And not just me but my other family & friends have faced this last minutes booking issue. There is no point spoiling your travel by sleeping in the car when you are tired as hell. So, first thing to do is finalize your stay for night rather than panicking in last minutes or end up spending a hefty amount for a shitty property. Trivago has been the best deal cracker till now for me.

Minimal Packing:

I am a fashion blogger & I can relate with every girl who go for travelling as their fashion show fest. This is the worst idea I can have to ruin my vacation since I used to spend half of the time in my wardrobe & choosing right wear for right location. That luggage, which I added as if I can need it in emergency was nothing but a waste bunch of bags because the best time I could spend on my travel was in simple clothes for travelling without make up or accessories. Its your travel so be like a traveler rather than a fashion fiesta.

Extra pair of footwear:

I know you know the pain when your shoes are poking your feet badly but you don’t have any other option to wear something else. Though it does not happen always but its a backup plan since your feet are your companion for travelling & walking naked feet is not a good idea. I am saying this because I have broken Chappals in every travel I go. Carry the most comfortable shoes you have as a backup plan & thank me later.

Spend money smartly:

Well, I will share one more story. Usually in the initial 2-3 days we spend lots of money on expensive hotels, meals & places which made us financially broke. We did not even have enough cash to spend minimal on rest of the travel out of the budget we decided. So, spend smartly from day one & only then you will be a smart traveler with fun, peace & adventure. Read about staying comfortable while traveling.

Travel Rather Than Photographing:

Ok, I know photography is important & most of you travel just for photography. I am just pulling out the fact of travelling for peace of mind & relaxing. I click all the picture in my initial 30 minutes at the location & enjoy the sightseeing for rest of the time. I mean 30 minutes are enough to collect great memories from the travel. For making memories you forget to actually enjoy the moment & charm of travelling.


I know I cant agree with everyone but I am just sharing a piece of my experience. Travelling is the chemical process to pamper your  soul & how can you be selfish by adding a lot of tantrums to this process. Travel like a traveler & share your stories.

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