Olympics/Paralympics’2020 are going to held in Tokyo,Japan. Japan tourism has rise up to an high graph in last 5 years. Whether we talk about domestic tourists or foreigner tourist,visitors are increasing every year at decent rate. Tokyo Wonderland is one solution for Indian tourists.

What are the best attractions in Tokyo? Why one should visit Tokyo for an extraordinary experience? Tokyo government has organised this special event for Indian tourists to make them aware about the Tokyo culture, food & history. The event named as “TOKYO WONDERLAND”. We found out exclusive information about Tokyo tourism at the event. There were special performances by the Tokyo artist which was just the glance of original trip in Tokyo.

Tokyo Wonderworld mentioned few noticeable point about the beauty of Tokyo if your are planning your Olympic visit in upcoming Olympics’2020 Japan.

Unique Culture:
Japanese culture is one of the most mannered culture worldwide. Manners are taught to kids since early age. Tokyo has plenty of museums & artistic theaters.

Tokyo wonderland Tourism

Excellent Dining::
Tokyo is considered a bit of expensive city when we talk about food. But, you can find good food starting from $5 ti $300 according to your pocket. The food presentation & quality of freshness would be best among most places in the world. If you are a vegetarian, be careful before eating anything. Must try Sushi there as its food of the city.
Tokyo Tourism

Exciting Shopping:

Japan is holding top position in its technology & education. Japanese are born smart people on the face of earth. In Tokyo you may shop all the vintage goods from the country, artistic pieces & smart gadgets to show off back home.You may visit some of the famous streets in Tokyo like Akihabara & Ginza.

Tokyo Tourism

Delightful Stay:

Although Tokyo is considered quite expensive you can still find affordable stay to luxury hotels keeping your pocket in mind. The best places to stay are Shinjuku, the Tokyo Station Area, Ginza, Marunouchi or Roppongi. Make sure you stay near by rail stations. Wherever you stay in Tokyo, greeting from the local people will always be delightful.

Tokyo Tourism

Comfortable Nature:

From the drift ice in the seas off Hokkaido to the mangrove jungles in Okinawa there are majestic volcanoes & beautiful coastlines with dense jungles residence of moneys, bears etc. Tokyo is an amazing city of incredible nature including coasts, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, bays, whirlpools & marshlands.
Tokyo Tourism

I am already getting too whirl while putting this post & collecting my data to experience in Tokyo. You also plan your days sooner or later.

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