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What Are The Must Have Make-Up Products In Purse

must have make up

All the women in the world are fond of looking the prettiest and flawless. To fulfil this task most of us carry a lot of make up or nothing at all. So, I am providing a hand of help from lots of discussions and research what make up is enough to make you beautiful naturally. carry less and explore more. Here are few products that wont occupy much space in your purse are:


Before we make our skin beautiful with cosmatocs make sure it is protected from the radiations also. I always carry my skin protection in my purse and that works for my dry skin also to make it smooth before I apply make-up. For that choice my believe is Lakme SPF50. You may try ypu type of SPF and brand.


to hide patches, dark circles and freckles around the nose area Maybeline concealer is best for me. It covers all the flaws in my skin naturally. I use my fingers to tap it properly all over the face. It comes in the stick shape so easy to carry.


After concealer apply a little bit of foundation according to the occasion or just for touch-up.In my box its always Rimmel match perfect foundation. I take a little pinch of foundation to give the final touch.If you have oily skin you can use face powder also.


I don’t always apply eye liner but for a change keep it in my purse as eye liner gives the most dramatic look. I use elle18 as its easy to apply and dry quickly.


Eye lashes are important to enhance the beauty of eyes. its my must must have essential in my purse. Sometime I just put mascara and nude lipstik. My choice is L’oreal luminous eye mascara.


That’s the best friend of make up. Your make-up is incomplete without a good lipstick.I suggest Mac soft colours. Nude is colour of today’s fashion. And, You should also keep one bright colour either Red or Hot pink. I use these bright colours to blush my cheeks also.


Kajal makes my look more active and attractive with wide eyes. I kind of love kajal pencils. Colorbar gives me kajal goal 🙂


Sometime its us who ignore our nails and we gotta go some places in urgency. For those instances keep two basic colours in your pocket that you can paint your nails in the way. Two general colours include nude and Red colour according to the occasion.

If you have any query mail me or leave the comment. Like comment and share 🙂

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