My name is Miss XYZ. This is my identity for world. There are various things living or non-living attached to me. I am surrounded by nature in form of human being. I want to be in isolation to recharge the soul in me.

I have met people from different industry and work profiles. How should we live this life in harmony?; What makes Life beautiful?; How to fight with the struggle we face everyday?;

DO you have any answer? If NO, then I have something to share irrespective of any further remarks:

There have been time in life I totally broke to hell. There was no one I could seek help from. And, these phases keep coming when you are too full of unwanted assumptions and guilty of a measurable life. I tried several views to keep me out of such thoughts.

I wanted a person to share what is pricking my brain and sinking my heart to the depth of sea. Trust, I found myself standing unattended. And, that’s a case for whole humanity surviving in this world of beauty. There is shallow darkness behind those lights of opportunities, success and love.

I decided to take the power in my hand. Every time I fall there is more power to me for next step to move forward. There was a place I felt the safest was “Isolation“. Isolation from stress, isolation from materialism, Isolation from civilisation, Isolation from technology and Isolation from this modern world.

Isolation is a place you find yourself existed in this stampede of world. You can talk to your inner soul. Your mind-threads get the empathy of freedom and rejoice in the music of silence. You close your eyes and let it cry out. This is filtration process of your filthy belief. Let Your soul shower in the peace of silence.

where can you find yourself in Isolation:

Sages approach to Himalayas seeking seclusion. We are just normal human being snuggled in our homes. We can’t cut our cords of emotions easily. But, isolation is important to boost your soul for life. There are places for people like us where you will find the enormous energy of spirituality and peace in you. There is a place where you connect to the supreme power that is in you. The Meditation centres are one example for them .

These centres are only for people who goes with the flow of nature. These are non-commercial places only for the sake of humanity.

There are problems which can never be solved with any source. For them there is therapy named “Time“. Keep calm Time will heal it all with the hope of good.

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Reference : Vipassana ( Meditation centres)