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20 Love Quotes you must Share With Your Love

Love is the most beautiful sense in all living beings. This whole world understands the language of love. Lucky are those who feel this emotion in their life. Poets & writers have been scrubbing love quotes since ages. Love gives you wings.The whole World seems beautiful when two people are in love.

I do write sometimes about the magic of love. I researched & found out some best love quotes till the time. I have not covered all of them but surely will keep adding. Quirky is the new trend in fashion nowadays. Tease your girlfriend with some quirky love quotes for her to make laugh & receive your love at the same time.

Ther are some love wallpapers in English that you can download. Girls should also keep sharing the love quotes for him to keep the charm of love. Love is a both side game to sustain the relationship.

Love quote wallpapers are better than writing the lines in a message. Wallpapers are brilliant  medium to say many lines in one word or few words. Love quotes are short stories of all that you can not say in front of him/her.

Read the quotes shared below & send it to your partner straight. Make it your WhatsApp Picture to express your love for someone special & ask her/him for the suggestions. I can be your love guru at times. Well! I tried making them fashionable instead of all those boring backgrounds with wallpapers.



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