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20 Merry Christmas Wallpapers HD and Images

Santa is coming to our houses again on 25th December with gifts, happiness &prosperity. We wish merry Christmas to the whole tribe. Enjoy this special day with lots of fun & love. Share happiness & spread love with the best HD merry Christmas wallpapers. Christmas images are designed by us, especially for the kids with funky fonts. We give you all special Christmas wishes.

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December when Jesus Christ was born. However, this date does not proof of Jesus’s birth on this day. Christmas is celebrated throughout the world by christian & non-christian communities. Christmas is celebrated at the evening of 24th with sharing of gifts & cutting cakes. People gather in the church & pray to Santa for all health, wealth & prosperity. Christmas is assumed playful for kids as Santa Clouse fulfils wishes of children while they are asleep.

We hope everyone gets their wishes fulfilled by Santa Uncle. May Jesus keeps showering blessings on each of you. MerryChristmass to everyone in advance.


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