Prewedding and wedding season is on the go & millions of hearts are tying knots for lifelong love. While we plan for our big day, there are many hustles to run for. Apart from wedding outfits, Dulha Dulhan are mostly discussing how they should creat the best prewedding photoshoot moments personalised for their love-story.

We are here to share some of the goofy & quirky ideas spicing up your pre-wedding photoshoot in the most unique style. Why not grab some attention from your most special moments. Let us help you with this.

We are sharing ideas collectively for diffenrt categories & cultures. You just have to play around which suits you best.

  1. How you met

We all have a story of our first meeting & that’s the most special day or event for both of us. Then, why not recreate those moments & express it your way to the world in your prewedding photoshoot. For eg, if you met on a trip then visit those places & spots to have some dejavu moments. How do you like the idea? May be you met on a train like Jab we met?



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2. Career collaborative shoots

Two people have two different career streams. It is quite a story everyone wants to know how it’s gonna work together & how you both deal with your perspective careers. You can show respect to each others career through your prewedding pictures. All you have to do is just add some of your creativity to this idea.


3. Express your Likes & hobbies

He might be a bikes lover & you may be fan of icecream, then why not ride on a bike while taking a bite. We are trying to elaborate this idea through prewedding as much as you can for all your different likes & dislikes collaboration with each other when you live together forever.  Marriage is a collaborative institution & two of us have to deal with each others habits lovingly. Tell us your ideas in the comment section.


4. Theme based Photoshoot


We have plenty of options to create an amazing theme prewedding where we both share the interest & have some extraordinary pictures to wow your friends. Pattern is one thing which always brings people on board. So, follow a pattens of theme. We can take an example of traveller couple where two people love travel & they both can create such amazing product out of their common passion for travel in their prewedding photoshoot. How travellers prewedding shoot look like? Tell us in the comment section what is your passion where you both shake hands.


5. Bring your friends & family 

5 is better than 2 always. people who brought you together might be your friends & family in an arrange marriage. Bring those people in your most special moment how & when they helped you to come closer through your photo stories.


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We hope you like our ideas & work on them. We are eagerly waiting for your creativity & send us your pcitures that we can share it here in our blog space.