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Best Places & hotels in Ooty for this Summer

India is showing it’s maximum temperature in month of “May” already. Either it’s north or south people going gaga to get away from mind blowing heat of weather. India is an incredible country with more than six weathers. Diversity implies from weather to geography.

India is a complete package to spend your vacation. One whole lifetime would not be enough to explore the country from it’s soul to heart. Indians don’t need to go out of country to look out something new. Back to topic of Indian Summers, We will talk about the best vacation spots for summers to get some chills. Let’s get the tour of the heart of South “OOty”.

Ooty is the queen of south India in the state of Tamil-Nadu, 80 kms from Coimbatore. The economy of the town is based on tourism and agriculture, along with manufacture of medicines and photographic film. The local area is known for tea cultivation and is economically grown in Ooty, Coonoor, Kotagiri and across Nilgiris district(Also, named as BlueHills).This hill station is quaint for weekend gateway if your are planning a peaceful soothing vacation. The place have it’s own history from English reign in India. Here, We can go for sightseeing to many historical places & landscapes. Some favourite attraction of tourist in ooty are historical buildings, Mountains, Reservoirs, Tribal huts & many other charming natural bodies.

Transport is available in all favourable roots to reach the places. With the availability of two helipad, Ooty is reachable by roads, by air-planes, bus roots & Nilgiris mountain railways. Staying in Ooty is never an issue in the town. We may find plenty of good hotels in ooty with all necessary amenities. It’s best to book our reservation in advance for a better price & comfortable stay. Tourists will receive a heartily welcome by Ooty Localities.

Bollywood have beautified the hot spots of Ooty in many movies like “Dil se” (Chhaiya Chhaiya song), Raju Chacha & Roja. Bollywood celebrities consider ooty as their best outing for mental peace.One can not experience the picturesque of this heaven without touching it’s soil. We should always be curious to find some offbeat locations wherever we visit.

Ooty Film Raja Hindustani

Best Hotels in ooty would be The Red House, The Taj Savoy Hotel & Many other. You can try the Global village for a complete hills view. Also, If you have less budgets You can book Hotels in Ooty on-line for good discounts & useful information for your hotel.

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ooty is one fascinating journey you will chase all your life. So, begin your hotel hunting & pack your bags for the fun. For international travel visit my UK diaries.

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