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Bridal Jewelry Trend 2018

Indian Bridal jewelry Sets

I love to see the brides from all cultures of the world. Wedding day is called the dream day of every woman. Be it’s English culture or Pakistani brides, they all look divine on their wedding day. Different countries have different traditions. I love traditional Chandbali designs which are originally from Punjab.

In India different states have different culture & rituals. India is the country with most diversity in the world. It is one of the reason I love my India. Indian beauty & fashion is recognized in the whole world. The authentic prints, lavish fabrics & royal jewelry are all Indian heritage & known to the world.  There is always science behind Indian rituals then why not we also start taking our piece of benefits. Sabyasachi Bridal collection will take you back to the ancient Indian Kingdom.

In ancient India, Jewelry was the only makeup for women & brides. There was not many cosmetics & make up kits in that era of world. Ornaments are women;s best friend since then till now. Though I love Pakistani jewelry & modern jewelry too. Indian bridal jewelry sets include Matha Tika, Nose ring (Nath), Earrings, Ring & necklace. Bridal fashion brings something new in every wedding season. But, trust me old is gold in real means.

It’s very rare now to find those pure metal jeweler in modern time now. Queens & princess used to wear expensive gems & handmade Jewelry  in the time of Indian kingdom. We are grateful to our modern jewelry designers who have mixed modern fashion with vintage bridal jewelry & created these beautiful pieces of work.

Fashion keeps changing every year. what stays forever is our tradition & traditional fashion. We have found out the best  bridal jewelry which will make every girl to look like goddess of the day.


Kundan Jewelry and Polki jewelry is highly in trend now in Indian bridal fashion.  still worn by south Indian brides since Gold jewelry set are wearing gold  is suppose to be prosperous in that culture.

Diamond bridal jewelry is still a secondary choice by Indian brides since they prefer diamonds for small function of the wedding.

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