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10 types of Stylish And Easy DIY Hair Buns You Can Make in Minutes- Try Now

Women love their hair & we all have bad hair day like every other day. I have been fighting with bad hair day in everyday life since I have long hair & I cant leave them open 24*7.
I always try doing it myself since I can’t visit salons for urgent events & parties. I mean It’s always fun to do it yourself.

You do not need to worry if you have dry hair, smooth hair, short hair or long hair. We have come up with different easiest tricks to set your hair in a bun. Color hair in different shades in dto add more texture to the bun if you can.
yes you heard it right. Hair buns are so much in the trend. Elegant hair buns, messy hair buns or bridal hair buns are all loved by modern women.
The reason why I prefer hair buns over loose hair is pollution & comfort I feel while my hair are tied in a set bun. You can also blow dry hair easily at home.

Things needed for hair buns are elastic hair band, bobby pins & a normal comb if you can’t do the job with finger. I am saying this because I do it myself without comb. It’s almost 10 year I have used comb in my hair. So yeah, why don’t you try yourself at least once since there are not any heavy equipment required to make your hair set & beautiful. Flaunt it in your office, party & just casually.

These easy hair buns will not boost your confidence to do it yourself but also make you more presentable & stylish.

You can also experiment with your own addition of style in the given hair bun. You may also add accessories according to your choices but I would prefect to keep it neat & plain for a regular day.

Hair Buns with gowns create an elegant look. Hair buns online methods are very quick & easy.

Simple Juda


How to style your hair at home

Which hair bun to do with saree

Hair bun for new bride. Hair buns for short hair & hair buns for long hair are all almost similar.

How to make high hair bun easily at home. These hair bun styles are worth a watch.

How to make simple hair bun

How to make easy hair buns

I hope you liked at least one of the video & trying out right now. If not today then come back to our page again for any help. Leave the comment for any other feedback.

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