How to select free seat in flight during web checkin is the question from all new flyers.

Air travel has become quite frequent now amongst middle class to upper middle class. There has been issues regarding domestic flight journey where airlines keep adding unnecessary services to the ticket bookings and checkin procedures.

Recently, I got to know about the a malicious activity done by airlines during ticket booking and web checkin. Check out for more travel tips.

When you try to book a flight ticket & web checkin, websites gives you option to select your preferred seat which absolutely fine but the way seat selection is presented to the flyer is quite disguising.

Airlines officially pretend to provide a choice of seat selection with extra charges wherein reality customer gets stuck at seat selection page because airlines keep the “auto checkin” button in faded colours due to which customer tend to click on paid ticket and move forward in the process of ticket booking and web checkin.

When I posted the video on my YouTube channel, many people commented about not being aware of free seats in the plane which is a total failure by airline business. I consider airlines are creating fraud system by not providing transparent  Information to their customers by which they end up paying for seats which they don’t even want.


How to get free seat in the plane during web checkin

  1. Skip seat selection page

like its shown in my video there is always option hidden somewhere on seat selection page to skip that option of seat selection. We can directly skip that seat selection option or “Auto checkin” option during web checkin. This way, airline will allot seats to us as per their availability and we don’t have to pay anything extra.

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free seat selection, seat selection during web checkin, web checkin, free seat in plane2. Call airline customer care-

free seat selection, seat selection during web checkin, web checkin, free seat in plane, flight information, air travel information, air India customer care, airline customer careMany time I notice, there is not Skip seat selection option in the webpage. In that case, all we have to do is call the airline customer care. Airline will ask for our PNR (Passenger name record) and seats will be allotted. However, if you are travelling together you might request to get seats together as family.

3. Go directly to Checkin counter –

free seat selection, seat selection during web checkin, web checkin, free seat in plane, checkin counter, flight checkinWe can directly checkin at the airline checkin counter if above two options shows some issues. However, Post covid web checkin is mandatory and some airlines fine of approx Rs.200/passenger for counter checkin. We can request Pur choice of seats at the checkin counter free of charge. make sure, you reach I early hours of your flight to get best seats.

Like I always say, never settle for policies and company terms if you don’t understand them properly. Don’t release your hard earned money so easily before asking hundred of questions. If you have any query, you can ask m4 n the comment section.