we Indian women can live in abroad, do higher studies, go western in our fashion but our Indian roots do not let us go beyond our culture & couture. Yes, today I am talking about bangles from metal bangles to studded ones.

Well, I remember from my childhood when I would wear my Mom’s bangles & roaming around in entire house with that Chhan-Chhan sound. Time has not changed much from then since I still love that same sound of bangles. There has been a deep science & logics behind every Indian Shringaar out of 16 Shringaar & I absolutely love them all. You can follow more fashion tips for festive season.

However sober we want to show our-self but inner soul of ours still pushes us to wear bright colors, bangles, lot of jewelry & what not that is given to us by our lavish tradition. Following that bangles have this medical therapy for women to wear them, bangles controls the blood flow of our wrist nerves which helps women to keep calm. If you want to know more about these logic then read science behind 16 shringaar.

I am going to tell you about the stylish ways & ideas to wear bangles. I cant get away from this beautiful accessory ever. here I come


Mix of Metal Bangles:


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Now in modern era, market has various varieties & styles of bangles available. Metal bangles keep coming & going out of fashion. You can find some good set of such bangles at Shoppers stop or any other fashion store.

I would suggest you not to wear those metal bangles in a normal way they are sold but mix 2-3 types of bangles of different size & they will add a lot of fusion to your style. Try this out.

Bunch of One color bangles:


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If you are wearing any traditional Saree, suit or Lehenga then chose a bright color of plain bangles. I always love those transparent red glass bangles the most with side kade or just plain. You can chose among green, yellow, white, black & whatever suits your outfit the most. But please avoid those alternation of one plain & one studded bangles since that’s too outdated.

Both Hands Different bangles:

Bangles, bracelet, How to wear bangles, bangles, Red bangles, ideas to wear bangles, Bangle sets for women, bangles sets fro bride, Green bangles, plain bangles, studded bangles, metal bangles,If you can try something crazy then this is for you. Wear two different types of bangles in your both hands. For example, wear plain bangles in one hand & all your thick studded kade in another hand. It will be fun for fashion diva walking around you to check you out. But, be cautious while choosing the type of bangles for both hands. keep some symmetry either in color or type or material. Look for celebrities wearing bangles.

Colorful Handmade Bangles:


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These types of bangle sets are available in Haat bazars & handicraft markets. what else you can do to out-stand is, mix different material & studded bangles from the same color. It will vibrant your look. For example you can have a pink color plain bangles, threaded bangles, studded bangles, kade & all what you can find in pink. Try this out.

Bunch Of Metal & Colors Together:


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Although there are endless styles you can play with bangles, this one is my favorite to give. Sit & take out all of your metal & colored bangles together. Now, add half of metal bangles & half of different colored bangles to make a bunch of some 10-15 to make a nice set of bangles to wear with any western or traditional outfit.

*Do not overfill your hand with bangles. wear enough bangles that can move in your hands*

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“Life is short, live it large”