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Your spiritual & Traveling veins will be ecstatic at This temple In Pune

I am new in Pune & there is almost nothing I do not love about this city. Right from my first day in this fantabulous city, I am getting new surprises of beauty, system & culture of Pune. I was a little skeptical about how things would turn-up before I got married & shifted here. But, Pune life is nothing less than Delhi or any other metro city. Pune lifestyle is even neater & fun loving that’s what I perceived from Pune.

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So, I & Vikrant are both sole travelers like more than half of the human population. We keep digging new destination & things to do around us. There are a lot of amazing things to do in Pune. I have been to many famous tourist places in Pune & adding more to my travel bucket list with each passing day. Weather in Pune is almost always pleasant apart from april-may which are quite hot.

So, none of I & Vikrant both are highly religious people but we both strongly believe in spirituality & existence of God as one power. And, this is the root of our visit to this temple we were noticing for a few months while our travel between the old Pune-Mumbai highway. And, I am going to give you more than one reason to visit this beautiful architecture of “Shri Parshwa Pradnyalaya Jain Teerth”

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“we entered the main hall & their priests came to us asking for evening Aarti when I & Vikrant stared at each other wondering, is it a sign we should turn little more spiritual. I did my first solo aarti in a temple with such proper thali & multiple jots(light pots). So, yes we got a vibe from here.”

Why I Loved Parshwa Pradnyalaya Jain Temple: 


I said location specifically because Its located amidst hills of Lonavala. This location alone outstands it from any random place. We could see the top of the temple from the highway & terrace too. Parshwa Pradnyalaya seems like emerged from the mountains itself but it’s not the case since its a manmade construction. Google maps will help you to reach the  Parshwa Pradnyalaya Jain temple accurately else, you can ask from the CRPF guards for the directions after reaching Dehu Road, Talegaon, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

2. Architecture:

Alright, with more than 100 stairs with an extra set of circular stairs on both sides of the second main entrance while stepping up to the main temple area. The beautiful statue of all Jain gurus is placed in different  25-30 chambers in a row.

3. Ambiance:

I am eternally astonished by the ambiance of Parshwa Pradnyalaya. Right from entering the passage by car to the main gate of the temple directing the main worship hall, everything was all serene & peaceful. it was raining slightly when we went there so, it just added a lot of scene to the whole place. The temple is under renovation & that was the reason there were almost no people just a few of us.

4. Interior :

We were almost gaga by finding such a piece of art hidden so close to us where every single corner is worked on with carving & beautification. The flooring was all marble white with colored stone-work on it. Doors of all chambers & main hall were finely carved giving a vintage era look. Being a lifestyle blogger this place had all that we seek at such close distance.

Also, I hit my foot-fingers while creating a boomerang on staircase & we stopped photography soon after that & decided to bow down to god. Share your views & queries in the comment section, please.

I have shared it in my stories when I got hit.



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