Fashion is the most temporary asset in the world. Now, I ma working in fashion industry & can relate how quickly something can cover the entire fashion world. There are two statements of fashion one should follow are :

Comfortable Clothes :

Comfortable clothes won’t mean you are going in Tshirt & shorts to all the major occasions. No No!! So my point is if, you are the one among those who struggle to even breathe wearing something not fitting well & end up facing sone sort of fashion malfunction. It happens, trust me! Alright, Let’s just take this in note list to always try your outfit if it’s comfortable.

Keep challenging the fashion:

What my idea of fashion trend is always challenging what’s in so-called trend. You know what! be your own stylist. Don’t just follow but make others follow you. Keep challenging the latest trends & become a diva. I mean for the sake of fashion think once “What is Fashion”; “Who creates fashion”; “Who know which fashion is right & wrong”. It’s you who will start a new trend So do it.

Liva Indo western fashionWell! I found something as quirky as me. I found it comfortable, I found it trendy & I found it everywhere. Liva Fluid fabric is the most liquid fabric I know till date. The Liva fabrics give that softness & fluidity to the garments. Just ask yourself if you are also one among those who love to feel their clothes to move with your every move. The flowy texture of outfits makes us feel angelic. Tell me if I am wrong.
Liva is providing a wide range such trendy & beautiful clothing line. A woman is a like fluid who adapt herself with the situation always like liquid. Be like liquid because the fluid is you. And, the best thing about liva is it’s available in more than 20 stores like Biba, Lifestyle, Shopperstop, W & many more. Liva clothes are comfortable & trendy & stylist & easily available & go on.

Liva fabrics are already making me insane with it’s touch & trendy outlook. I shopped my garments from GIP, Noida Shopperstop. My first feeling of wearing LIVA was I could breathe being in trend. It was giving the perfect fluid look. I bought this dhoti pants & crop top kurti which was super elegant. I styled it with my mid heels oxford shoes & yellow cling purse.

I would love to get all the suggestions & feedback for how else I could style them? Look at my photo shoot done at Amazon India Fashion Week I attended with my Liva Look.

Liva Indo western fashion

Liva Indo western fashionLiva Indo western fashion


Enjoy the fluid fashion here