Before we start, beware of all the Prasad scammers and shoes locker fraudsters in Shirdi Dham.

Pune to Shirdi by road trip was on our head since long time. Finally, after lot of cancelled plans, we decided to move up early in the morning for visiting Shirdi Sainagar. The distance between Pune to Shirdi is almost 183 kms which takes time of upto 4 hours for reaching Shirdi Dham.

Road to Shirdi

We heard a lot of of good things about smooth and nice roads to Shirdi which was why we were confident to go. Pune to Shirdi roads has some rough journey in the beginning but it becomes easier to Shirdi once you touch the main highway. I give 90 out of 100 for Pune to Shirdi route in terms of ease and roads. it was fun a journey.

You can check out my vlog to understand things better on my YouTube channel.

Shirdi Sai Premises

We reached Shirdi in almost four hours since we started early morning at 7 am. Shirdi is a very beautiful developed town with nice public transpire and maintained roads with security. Althogh, Hawkers and scammers starts hoarding around soon after you enter Shirdi city.

We parked our car near the temple for 50 rupees and it was safe which you can check out in my YouTube video. We walked to the temple and some fraudsters tried convincing us to leave our belonging in their shop and purchase expensive Prasad from there but later on we got to know it was. pure scam. The Prasad or anything is not allowed in the premises. You have to go empty handed in the temple just like a normal devotee since Sai baba is  equal for everyone.

I love Sai Baba Its a large premises with a really long queues which were quite easy the day we visited. We passed through the all queues since we have our VIP passes we booked online for rupees 200 each. You can check the details in my YouTube video.

Pune to Shirdi By Road

We had nice Darshan with amazing staff and supportive secure all around. This place sounds so devoted to the the devotees of Sai Baba. The posit attitude of people wring there for the trust is very humble and giving towards thr visitors.

Make sure you always stay in the middle row while going in Darshan hall since the middle row leads to closer look of Sai Baba.

We could not wait in the laddu Prasad line since it was a hot day and our daughter nivahh was getting cranky. After Darshan, we collected our mobile phone from the locker room safely and headed back to the hotel in Shirdi.

Hotels in Shirdi

hotels in Shirdi are quote limited in options. We booked a five hotels Temple tree which was quite decent for the price 3500 rupees inclusive of breakfast. Food in shored is most vegetarian since its areligious city. even the hotels did not serve non-veg food to guest. The food in Shirdi was one of the best meals I ever had.

Best hotel In Goa Riva beach resort 

Shopping in Shirdi

There are lot of things related to souvenirs from Shirdi but nothing specie; as such t buy from Shirdi. We can purchase symbols of Sai Baba from every other shops. There is small market we visited in the temple lane.

Sai dham

We did not get chance t visit said Dham since we gt back late from the hotel. I am pretty sure there must be services of devotions and prayers all around.


We got back in next morning and it was s month journey with my 3 year old daughters.