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Significance of wearing Red

In Russia, the meaning of red is beautiful. Red clours have also been the most expensive dye like the purple color in ancient ages. Red symbolizes the strength, fire, passion, love, lust & danger.

In different parts of the world, Red color has a specific significance in their fashion, culture & system. Let’s talk about the association of red color in Indian Fashion from ancient India till today.

Our ancestors believed that Red is the color of romance, passionate love & desire. We have this auspicious ritual attached to red color with Indian brides. The entire clan of Hindu brides prefers to wear Red shades on their wedding day, and every auspicious day afterward following their married life.

After all my research & personal experiences, I have gathered some amazing information about the beauty of red. First of all, red is attractive & most visible color in color spectrum that makes you look desirable & strong when you wear it either an outfit, lipstick or another way.

Red has this direct connection with lust since it creates passion. Hence, married women are advised to wear red to attract their husband. Red is erotic, red is romantic, red is auspicious & red is Strong.

I loved red since always & I was waiting for my D day to wear red. Trust me, cravings of wearing red is never going to go away from me. Most of you know my love Indian couture & rituals attached to it. So, this is winning situation for my fantasy feed to wear Red & that too a saree with lots of jewelry, Indian makeup, bindi a lot from my Indian love. A complete Indian woman.

Have a look at how to create your Indian look in Red Banarsi Saree.  This makes me powerful, super powerful wearing what makes me an authentic Indian woman.


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The dreamy photography was done by very talented Vinay Rachhewar at TravelExploreClick

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