Buying a used car is never an easy decision.If a person has decided to buy a used car that can very well mean either of the following, the person is looking to invest less in the car without investing much or he/she is a new learner. Everyone has a constraint imposed of budget and ‘NEED” is what making them buy a car. So, basically all these reasons if seen together will make us ask relevant question about buying the used car.Over the years, I have found that is a great resource to learning about your potential
purchase. Their website has a huge selection of information that will provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase. The first few things that come to mind when you compile the above are:

1.Is the car well maintained-

This question should be like the base of the car buying process, because the maintenance of the car will ensure two things, the owner of the car has invested enough in the car to procure a better performance out of the car,which in turn will make you decide that,if the price that he/she is quoting is legit or not.And the deal will also seem better cause you would not be required to further invest in the upgradation of your car. Now, what will make you understand that a car is well maintained? Well, if you are a new driver take along a friend or more preferably a mechanic whom you trust. Few primary thing to check are the pick up ,gear shift and the braking of the car,the most used and sometimes the most worn out parts.

2.Exterior of the car and aesthetics-

New car or old,you always want your car to be good looking one of my friends father has a saying” the character of a person can be judged by the way he keeps his car”, self made quote I know but, yes! it does leave a good impression ;).So, you make sure about the condition and if any repair work has been done,get the history of the car. There is one more brand which has already spread its wings across the nations in India Big Boy Toys.

3.Type of the car and mileage-

This question will help you decide on what segment of car you should be looking at,of course there are factors such as your needs and usage of the car and it can be for professional or personal after you have made that decision you can go about choosing and sorting your options.Mileage like you must have noticed I have placed it last since if the car is well maintained, it will perform well.Later, your usage will decide the mileage.But, don’t forget you are buying a used car so keep your expectations moderate. A well maintained car will perform well if utilized optimally.

Last Tip for Car Buying- keep comparing between different sellers before finalizing your Vehicle.